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[SAXA181] King Sighard of Saxony m. Julanda
. [SAXA191] King Dietrich of Saxony m. ?
. . [SAXA201] Duke Wernechin of Engern m. Kunhild of Rugen
. . . [SAXA212] Emhild of Engern m. [DANE261] King Harald Eysteinsson of Haithabu
. . . [SAXA211] Bruno von Engern, Warlord of Saxony m. --- von Asseburg
. . . . [SAXA221] King Bruno II of the Saxons m. [SAXY222] Hasala von Saxony
. . . . . [SAXA232] Echbert von Dreini m. [SAXY233] Ida
. . . . . . [SAXA243] Matilda of Ittergau m1. [RING241] Count Reginhart Walpert of Ringelheim
. . . . . [SAXA231] Count Billung of Thuringia m. possibly Aeda of Italy
. . . . . . [SAXA242] Oda von Thuringia m. [SAXY241] Duke Liudolf of Saxony
. . . . . . [SAXA244] Matilda of Ittergau m. [WSAX341] Count Immed I in Saxony

[SAXA181] Sighard, King of Saxony (born c.630) married Julanda.

[SAXA191] Dietrich, King of Saxony (born c.680).

[SAXA201] Wernechin (born 710), DUKE OF ENGERN, married Kunhild of Rugen.

[SAXA212] Emhild of Engern (daughter of Wernechin) married [DANE261] King Harald Eysteinsson of Haithabu, (see HAITHABU KINGDOM).

[SAXA211] Bruno I of Engern (born c.726, possibly son of Wernechin), Warlord of Saxony, married --- von Asseburg, DUKE OF SAXONY

[SAXA221] Bruno II (born c.760), King of the Saxons, married (c.789) [SAXY222] Hasala (born c.765, daughter of Wittekind le grand, see SAXONY (HOUSE OF SAXONY) NOBILITY). He died c.813, and Hasala died c.827.

[SAXA232] Echbert the loyal von Dreini (born c.800, son of Bruno II) married [SAXY233] Ida (born c.800, daughter of Dietrich the Riparian, see SAXONY (HOUSE OF SAXONY) NOBILITY).

[SAXA249] Matilda (born c.833, daughter of Echbert) married 1. [RING241] Reginhart Walpert von Ringelheim (see RINGELHEIM COUNTY), died c.856; then 2. [WSAX341] Count Immed of Saxony see (see WEST SAXON COUNTS), died c.892.


[SAXA231] Billung (born c.790, son of [SAXA221] Bruno II, see above), Count of Thuringia, said to have married Aeda/Attala/Adele de Italy (born c.806, daughter of Pepin called Carloman of Italy, by Ingeltrude d'Autun).

King Pepin I of Aquitaine married (822) Ingeltrude de Madrie, whilst King Pepin I of Italy married (795) Bertha de Toulouse, whose father was Count William of Autun. This problem has not been resolved. However King Pepin I of Italy did have a daughter named Athalia.

[SAXA242] Oda Billengen (born c.805, daughter of Billung) married [SAXY241] Duke Liudolf (see SAXONY (LIUDOLFIN HOUSE) NOBILITY).


[SAXH171] Count Hartrad m. ?
. [SAXH181] Count Ruthard in Alemannia m. [ALSX212] Odilia of Alsace
. . [SAXH191] Count Warin of Thuringia m. [LOMX192] Adelinda of Spoleto
. . . [SAXH201] Count Isanbart in Saxony m. Theodrata of the Franks
. . . . [SAXH212] Heilwig of Saxony m. [BAVX211] Count Welf of Altorf

[SAXH171] Hartrad, Count.

[SAXH181] Ruthard (born c.690), Count in Alemannia, married [ALSX212] Odilia of Alsace (born c.700, daughter of DUKE ADALBERT Adalbert of Alsace).

[SAXH191] Warin of Thurgau (born c.725), Count of Thuringia, married [LOMX192] Adelinda of Spoleto (born c.720, daughter of King Hildebrand, see LOMBARDY KINGDOM).

[SAXH201] Isanbart of Saxony (born c.750), Count in Saxony, married Theodrata of the Franks (born c.755, daughter of Count Bernhard & Bishop of St. Quentin). He died c.806.

[SAXH212] Heilwig of Saxony (born c.778, daughter of Isanbart) married [BAVX211] Count Welf I, see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM.