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probably originating from Thweng, East Riding of Yorkshire

[THWE351] Robert FitzRobert de Thweng (born c.1142), married (c.1163) [LUND352] Emma (born c.1148, possibly daughter of [UND341] Duncan Darrel, Lord of Lund). In 1166 Robert FitzRobert was recorded as holding a knight's fee of the old feoffment of William de Percy (see PERCY), i.e. in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Percy held, for example, Ganton, which is adjacent to Thweng.

[THWE361] Sir Marmaduke de Thweng (born c.1170). He died some time after 1234.

[THWE371] Sir Robert de Thweng (born c.1205) married (c.1225) [KILT372] Maud (born c.1213, widow of Richard de Autrey, and daughter of [KILT362] Roger de Kilton, 2nd son of [KILT351] Ilger de Kilton). He died some time after 1246.

[THWE381] Sir Marmaduke de Thweng (born c.1225), Lord of Kilton Castle, married (c.1242) [BRUS392] Lucy (2nd daughter of Lord Peter II de Brus, see SKELTON LORDSHIP). He also-acquired the manors of Danby, Brotton and Skinningrove, and the town of Yarm. He was also granted in 1257 the right to hold markets and fairs at Thweng. He was captured at the Battle of Lewes (14th May 1264). He died c.1282-84.

[THWE391] Robert de Thweng (born c.1255, eldest son & heir), of Kilton Castle, married 1. (c.1265) Alice de Merley (age 8, daughter of Roger de Merley of Morpeth) died not long afterwards; then 2. (c.1268) [HANR402] Matilda (daughter of Sir Robert Hansard, of disputed origin). In 1275 he claimed frankpledge of the Manor of Bozeat (Northants). He appears to have died in 1279, after which custody of his son & heir, Robert, a minor, was granted (15th October 1285) to Roger de Fricurt, King's yeoman. This son Robert, in turn, appears to have died in February 1294 as the manor of Bozeat was then in the king's hands by reason of the minority of Lucy, daughter and heir of Robert, tenant-in-chief.

[THWE402] Lucy de Thweng (born 24th March 1278-79, daughter [& eventually heiress] of Robert & Matilda), married 1. (c.1295) [LATM401] Lord William Latimer (see LATIMER BARONY); divorced 1312; having had a relationship with Sir Nicholas de Meinell, Lord Meinell; then married 2. (January 1313) Sir Robert Everingham (of Laxton), who was killed in the Scottish wars (1316); then 3. (1320) Sir Bartholomew de Fanacourt of Molton, Devon.