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Recommended reading includes "Feudal England" (John Horace Round, 1895)

[TIRR281] Eccard (son of [SENS271] Count Childebrand, see SENS COUNTY), Count of Autun and in the Vexin.

[TIRR291] Nivelon II , Count of Vexin and Auxerre, and in the Vexin.

[TIRR301] Terric, chevalier, too young to bear arms at his father's death.

[TIRR311] Waleran, Count in the Vexin, and of Pontoise, Chaumont, Plantes and Meulan, hereditary Standard Bearer of France, married [FLAN304] Adelgarde (daughter of Count Arnulf, see FLANDERS COUNTY). Waleran died 965.

[TIRR321] Walter I Tirrell (born at Tirel, c.925), Count in the Vexin and of Amiens, married (c.948) [DREX322] Eve (born 922, daughter & heiress of Count Landry of Dreux, see DREUX COUNTY). Walter died 995, and Eve died 1016.

[TIRR331] Ralf Tirrell (born at Foix, c.950, 4th son of Walter), Sire de Tirel, de Pois and de Guernanville, married --- (daughter of --- Seigneur de Guernanville). He later became Chatelain of Pontoise, Seigneur de Guernanville and Vicomte d'Amiens.

[TIRR341] Fulk Tirrell (born at Tirel, c.975, 2nd son of Ralf), Seigneur de Guernanville and Dean d'Evreux. He married [NXXX312] Orielde (see NORMANDY DUKEDOM).

According to "The Battle Abbey Roll. With Some Account of the Norman Lineages" (the Duchess of Cleveland, 1889), Fulk "espoused the noble lady Orielda", the author's source presumably being "The ecclesiastical history of England and Normandy" (Ordericus Vitalis), wherein Vitalis wrote "According to the custom of that period, he [Fulk] had a noble partner,- whose name was Orielde, who bore him a numerous offspring."  So Fulk may not even have actually taken Orielde to be his wife. Finally, according to "Further genealogical notes on the Tyrrell-Terrell family of Virginia and its English and Norman-French progenitors" (Edwin H. Terrell, San Antonio, Texas, 1909), Fulk "married Orielda, who was a daughter of Richard I., the third Duke of Normandy". Terrell did not quote a specific source for this statement, but it does seem reasonable.

[TIRR351] Sir Walter I Tirrell (born at Poix, c.1010), Lord of Poix, Chatelain of Pontoise, married 1. Olga of Normandy, a Saxon lady; then 2. Dame Alex (only daughter of Seigneur Richard de Fremontiere). He predeceased his father and died c.1044.

[TIRR361] Sir Walter II Tirrell (born at Poix, c.1035, son of Walter & Olga). He was present at the Battle of Hastings (1066).

[TIRR371] Sir Walter III Tirrell (born c.1060), married [BRIO432] Adeliz (daughter of Richard de Clare, see FIRST HOUSE OF EU). At the Domesday Survey he was sub-tenant to this Richard at Langham (Essex). He was present at the Siege of Jerusalem (1096), and was charged with shooting King William II with an arrow (in the New Forest, 2nd August 1100), and went to Picardy, where he died in 1135.

[TIRR381] Hugh I Tirrell married [AUMA353] Ada (daughter of Stephen d'Aumale, see AUMALE COUNTY). He died 1159.

[TIRR391] Hugh II (2nd son of Hugh), succeeded his elder brother Walter IV who died without issue. He married 1. (c.1161) [VIGT392] Isabel de Vignacourt (daughter of Adrien de Vignacourt, see VIGNACOURT);  then 2. (c.1173) Marie de Senarpont. Hugh became 1st Baron of Castleknock (granted 1177) and died c.1199.

[TIRR401] Walter V Tirrell (born c.1163, eldest son of Hugh & Isabel) succeeded his father to the Picardy and Norman titles. He died in Picardy (1228).

[TIRR412] Emma Tirrell (presumed daughter of this Walter) married [ENFE471] Richard (see ENFEILD).