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[TONY361] Haldrich/Malahule Eysteinsson (born c.852, son of [GLUM261] Jarl Eystein Glumra of More, see GLUMRA), of More, said to have married Dame Maude de Saint-Pol-sur-Mer de Therouanne, but unconfirmed. He died c.920.

[HAYE351] Richard the Dane (born c.885, son of Haldrich/Malahule), is described under SAINT-SAUVEUR.

[TONY371] Hugh de Calvacamp (born in France, c.890, son of Haldrich/Malahule).

[TONY382] Ralph I de Toeni was given the domain of Toeni, now Tosni, which his elder brother Hugh had held prior to being consecrated as Archbishop of Rouen (December 942).

[TONY392] Ralph II (born before 970) had custody of Tillieres Castle (1014), and was Seigneur de Tosni and Conches. Ralph went to Apulia (1015), and was present at the Siege de Salerno (Winter of 1015-16). He died c.1024.

[TONY402] Berthe de Toeni (born c.1010, daughter of Ralph II), possibly married [LAVA351] Sire Guy I de Laval (born c.1010, see LAVAL).

[TONB431] Robert de Toeni (born c.1009, younger son of Ralph II), wife unknown. After the Conquest he held about 2 Lordships in Yorks, 1 in Essex, 4 in Suffolk, 1 in Cambs, 2 in Herts, 3 in Bucks, 4 in Gloucs, 10 in Northants, 2 in Rutland, 33 in Lincs and 17 in Leics. He built Belvoir (Belvedere) Castle, and was feudal Lord of Belvoir. At the Domesday Survey he was tenant-in-chief in Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Essex, Gloucs, Herts, Leics, Lincs, Northants, Suffolk and Yorks. He died August 1088.

[TONB442] Robert de Tosny de Belvoir (born c.1035, son of Robert), married [OSUL442] Adela/Adeliza Osule (born c.1035, daughter of [OSUL431] Osule). Robert died August 1088 (the same as his father). It was noted that in 1129 his sole surviving issue were Adelisa Bigod and Agnes de Beaufour (by then married to Hubert I de Rye). Also at 1129, [ALBI451] William de Albini Brito II held the fee of Belvoir.

[TONB451 ]Berengar (born c.1066, eldest [surviving] son of Robert), of his own right was tenant-in chief at the Domesday Survey of lands in Lincs, Notts, Oxon and Yorks. He died without issue, and initially his heir was his eldest sister Albreda.

[TONB452] Albreda de Tosny (eldest daughter of Robert, and heiress of her brother Berengar), married Robert de Insula. On Albreda's death, without issue, her nephew [NORF432] Hugh Bigod, son of her sister [TONB453] Adelisa, became heiress of Belvoir.

[TONB453] Adelisa de Tosny (born c.1064, 2nd daughter of Robert), married [NORF429] Roger (see NORFOLK (BIGOD) EARLDOM). Their youngest daughter was [NORF435] Cecilia Bigod, who married [ALBI451] William de Albini Brito (see BELVOIR (ALBINI FEUDAL) LORDSHIP).

[TONB454] Agnes de Tosny (3rd and youngest daughter of Robert), married 1. (1088) Ralph I de Beaufour (1064-1101); then 2. Hubert I (see RYE). Her dower lands included Seaton (Rutland), which was noted held her son (or grandson) Ralph de Beaufour, from her grandson Hubert II de Rye.

[TONY401] Roger I the Spaniard (born c.990, son of Ralph II) married 1. Stephanie (sister of Ramon-Berenguer), which Stephanie later married 2. King Garcia Sanchez of Navarre; then 2. (c.1018) [BARC388] Godehilde (born c.999, alleged daughter of [BARC361] Ramon Borrel I, see BARCELONA COUNTY).

Roger was Standard-bearer of all Normandy. While DUKE ROBERT OF NORMANDY was away on pilgrimage, Roger went to Spain and distinguished himself fighting the infidels. He returned to Normandy to find the boy William had succeeded his father in the Duchy, and was furious declaring ďa bastard ought not to rule over him and other NormansĒ. Roger rebelled and ravaged the lands of his neighbours, particularly those of Humphrey de Vieilles, whose son Roger de Beaumont marched against him, and in the battle which followed Roger and two of his sons were slain (1039).

Afterwards Godehilde married 2. [EVRE331] Count Richard (see EVREUX COUNTY).

[TONY412] Adelise (born c.1035, daughter of Roger I) married [FZOS341] Earl William (see HEREFORD (FITZOSBERN) EARLDOM).

[STAX431] Robert (born c.1039, younger son of Roger I) held 70 manors in Staffs, over 25 in Warks, over 20 in Lincs, 10 in Oxon, 1 in Worcs and 1 in Northants, besides other claims in Lincs and Suffolk (see STAFFORD BARONY for further details).

[TONY411] Ralph III (born c.1029, son of Roger I) married (c.1076) [MONT352] Isabelle/Elizabeth (daughter of Seigneur Simon, see MONTFORT LíAMAURY).

Ralph was Standard-bearer of the Normans, but he did not bear the standard at the Battle of Hastings (1066), as he wished to take an active part in the fighting, and not just carry the standard. Afterwards, the Conqueror gave Ralph (referred to as Ralph de Tosny in the Domesday Survey) estates in the counties of Berks, Essex, Gloucester, Hereford, Herts, Norfolk (his biggest holding), and Worcester, together with the castle of Clifford, Herefordshire; but his principal seat was at Flamstead, Herts.

Ralph died 24th March 1102, and afterwards his widow became a nun at Haute-Bruyere, a cell of Fontevrault Abbey.

[TONY432] Ralph IV (born c.1079) married (1103, in England) [NTHM343] Alice (younger daughter of Earl Waltheof, see NORTHUMBRIA (SIWARD) EARLDOM). Ralph fought at the Battle of Tinchebrai (28th September 1106), and died c.1126.

[TONY442] Margaret Isobel (daughter of Ralph IV) married [CLIF421] Sir Walter (see CLIFFORD).

[TONY441] Roger III (born c.1104, eldest son of Ralph IV) married 1. [HAIN372] Gertrude/Ida de Hainault (daughter of Count Baldwin III, see HAINAULT); then 2. --- (a daughter of Earl Robert, perhaps 2nd, of Leicester). In the civil war, Roger was ambushed and captured by Count Waleran and Henry de la Pomeraye (October 1136), and was released 1137. Roger died 29th September 1157.

[TONY451] Ralph V (born c.1130, son of Roger III & Ida de Hainault) married Margaret (see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). Ralph died 1162.

[TONY461] Roger IV (born c.1156, son of Ralph V) married [BEAU412] Constance (daughter of Vicomte Richard [Roscelin] de Beaumont (see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE).

Roger went to the Holy Land and distinguished himself in King Richard Iís victory at the Battle of Arsuf (7th September 1191). He fought in the Battle at El-Khuweilfe (June 1192) when Richard captured the Saracen convoy. He was with the King at Speyer (January 1194) when the termís of Richardís ransom were settled, and Rogerís 4-year old son was offered as hostage, but when this son was passing through Hainault en route to the Holy Land he was detained by his cousin the Count and kept at Mauberge. Roger died 1209.

[TONY471] Ralph VI (born c.1189, eldest son & heir of Roger IV, who was offered in hostage). He married [LACY482] Pernel (born c.1195, daughter of Walter, see LACY (2)). Ralph was granted by Pernelís father the manors of Britford (Wilts), and Yarkhill (November 1232). Ralph died at sea (1239), and afterwards Pernel married 2. (before October 1256) William de St. Omer.

[TONY482] Constance (born 1215, daughter of Ralph VI) married (c.1233) Sir Fulk IV (see WARIN).

[TONY452] Godeheut (daughter of Sir Roger III & Ida) married [MOHU431] Lord William de Mohun (see MOHUN).