IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source

[TOTH631] William Totham married (at Coggeshall, 16th [or 26th] September 1747) [HUMM632] Rosamund Hum. They had (at least) three children born and baptised at Coggeshall as follows:

Mary (born 18th March 1748, baptised 1st November 1750 IGI);

[TOTH641] James (born 16th January 1763, baptised 9th October 1767), married Martha Richardson, see later;

Benjamin (born 16th January 1763, baptised 9th October 1767).

.Rosamund Totham was buried at Coggeshall, 25th August 1790 NBI.

[TOTH641] James Totham (born 1763) married (at Coggeshall, 24th December 1780) [RICD642] Martha Richardson (born 1760, see RICHARDSON), witnessed by James Agas (parish clerk) and George Gage. They had twelve children born and baptised at Coggeshall as follows:

[TOTH652] Mary (born 23rd March 1782, baptised 5th May 1782), married (at Feering, 3rd November 1799) [OVER651] John Overall (born 1776, see OVERALL); 

Martha (born 19th March 1784, baptised 2nd May 1784);

John (born 1st January 1786, baptised 5th February 1786), married Mary Dodd;

Hannah (born 24th January 1788, baptised 24th February 1788), married (at Mundon, 22nd June 1813) John Keys;

Ann (born 9th April 1790, baptised 16th May 1790);

Sarah (born 24th February 1792, baptised 23rd March 1792), died (age 11) at Coggeshall (buried there 2nd January 1803);

James (born 8th February 1794, baptised - March 1794);

William (born 27th August 1796, baptised 25th September 1796), died (age 6) at Coggeshall (buried there 26th December 1802);

Elizabeth (born 9th March 1799, baptised 14th April 1799);

Maria (born 19th April 1801, baptised 12th June 1803), married (at Colchester All Saints, 11th October 1821 IGI) Robert Brown. Their daughter Maria was born at Colchester  (and baptised at St. Leonard's there 17th June 1838, see later);

Sarah (born 8th May 1803, baptised 12th June 1803), lived 3 months;

Sarah (born 1804).

James died (age 77, of old age) at Colchester (21st January 1840, buried there 26th January 1840). At the 1851 Census, Martha (age 91) was living "on parish relief" at Magdalen Street, Colchester. She was shown as having been born at Feering. With her was her 13-year old granddaughter, Maria Brown (see above). Martha (widow of John sic) died (age 96, of old age) at Childwell Alley, Colchester, (25th October 1853, buried 30th October 1853).


1841 Census            Colchester, Magdalen Street
Martha TOTHAM        80
1851 Census  1781-196  Colchester, Magdalen Street (pa. St Giles)
Martha TOTHAM  H   W 91 parish relief Feering
Maria  Brown   G/D - 13               Colchester  [c 17/6/1838 Colchester
                                      St Leonard of Robert/Maria]
1841 Census          Colchester (pa. St Leonard)
Robert Brown         43 carter
Maria  Brown         41
Maria  Brown          3
Robert Brown          1
1851 Census 1781-684 Colchester (pa. St Leonard)
Robert Brown   H   M 52 Colchester
Maria  Brown   W   M 50 Coggeshall
Robert A Brown S   - 11 Colchester [c 23/2/1840 St Leonard **]

Robert Brown age 79 buried 8/11/1877 Colchester St Leonard
Mary Brown age 78 buried 31/5/1880 Colchester St Leonard

** = Robert Albert Brown
also Emma Maria Brown c 26/5/1833 St Leonard of Robert & Maria and
buried 26/5/1835 St Leonard (2)

1841 Census         Colchester (pa. St Giles), Magdalen Sreet
John      Basham 45 gardener
Elizh     Basham 45 
Mary      Basham 19
1851 Census 1781-192 Colchester (pa. St Giles)
John      Basham 59 West Mersea
Elizabeth Basham 54 Castle Hedingham