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[TOUL241] Childebrand I (born c.695, son of [PEPI211] Pepin II, see PALACE OF AUSTRASIA), Seigneur de Perrecy, Count Autun, Count of Bourgogne [Burgundy], DUKE OF PROVENCE. He married 1. Rolande de Merovingia (born c.696, daughter of Bertha de Merovingia); then 2. (c.721) Emma d'Austrasia. He died 9th October 768.

[SENS261] Nivelon/Nibelung I of Perrecy (born c.725, son of Childebrand & Rolande) is dealt with under SENS COUNTY.

[TOUL251] Sigebert de Rouerge (born c.725, son of Childebrand & Rolande) appears to have married late in life.

[TOUL261] Fulcoald (born c.790 [probably earlier]), Count of Rouergue, married [CHAF312] Senegunde d'Autun (see CHALONS COUNTY).

[TOUL272] Fredelon/Fredol (born c.813, eldest son of Fulcoald), Governor of Toulouse, Pailhars, Rodez and Limoges, married Oda. He died c.849-52.

[TOUL283] Udalgarde (daughter of Fredelon) married [HEBG271] March Count Bernard of Rouergue (see SEPTIMANIA).

[TOUL273] Raymond I (born c.815, 2nd son of Fulcoald), Count of Toulouse (852-63), married [REIM272] Bertha (see REIMS (2)). Raymond died 863.

[TOUL282] Regilindis (daughter of Raymond) married [PERI281] Count William I (see PERIGORD COUNTY).

[COMB281] Fulcoad/Foulques I de Limoges (born 830, son of Raymond) is described under LIMOGES.

[TOUL281] Eudes/Odo (born c.832, son of Raymond), Count of Toulouse (885-919), married Gersende d'Albi (daughter & heiress of Count Hermengild/Hermengaud d'Albi), and died 919.

[TOUL294] Ermengaud (son of Odo), March Count of Gothie, Count of Rouergue (906), married Adelais (probably of Carcasonne). He died 937.

[GEVA281] Etienne I de Gevaudan (son of Ermengaud) is dealt with under GEVAUDAN.

[TOUL304] Richilde de Rouerge (daughter of Ermengaud) married (c.917) [BARC341] Count Sunyer I (see BARCELONA COUNTY).

[TOUL291] Raymond II (born c.857, son of Odo), Count of Toulouse (919-24), married [BARC343] Guinidilda (daughter of Count Wilfredo the hairy of Barcelona, see BARCELONA COUNTY), and died 924.

[TOUL301] Raymond III (Pons) married 1. Garsinde; then 2. --- (daughter of Duke Garcia II Sanchez, see GASCONY DUKEDOM); then 3. (c.949) Berthe (niece of King Hugh of Italy, and 2nd daughter of Boson, March Count of Toscane, & Willa). He was Count of Toulouse (924-60), DUKE OF AQUITAINE, Count of Auvergne and March Count of Gothia. He died 960, and Bertha died 965. It is possible that wives 1 (Gersinde) and 2 (---) were one and the same person.

[TOUL322] Ledgarde (Liutgarde) (daughter of Raymond & Garsinde) married (c.968) [BARC351] Count Borrell II (see BARCELONA COUNTY).

[TOUL321] William III taillefer (born c.947, son of Raymond & Garsinde) married 1. (c.975) Arsinde (daughter of Count Fulk the good of Anjou, see ANJOU COUNTY); then 2. (c.1019) [ROTB322] Emma (daughter of Count Rotbold III (see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY). He was Count of Toulouse (960-1037), and died 1037.

[TOUL332] Hildegarde (aka Eveza) de Toulouse (daughter of William & Emma) married [PRO3331] Count Foulques Bertrand I (see PROVENCE COUNTY)

[TOUL331] Pontius-William II (Pons William) (born c.1020, son of William & Emma) married 1. (by 1037) Marjorie; then 2. (between 1040-45) [MARC339] Almodis (daughter of Count Bernard, see LA MARCHE COUNTY), divorced before 1053. He was Count of Toulouse (1037-61), and died in battle 1061.

[TOUL342] Raymond IV de St. Gilles (born at Toulouse, 1041-42, son of Pons II & Almodis), married 1. --- (daughter of Godfrey I de Arles, Count of Provence; then 2. (1080) Matilda (daughter of Count Roger of Sicily, see APULIA (HOUSE OF HAUTEVILLE) DUKEDOM), divorced (1088), and she afterwards married 2. Count Guigues II of Albon & Grenoble, see VIENNE DAUPHINS); then 3. (1094) Elvira de Castile (illegitimate daughter of King Alfonso VI, see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOMS). He was March Count of Provence (1066-1105, and also Count of Toulouse (1095-1105 succeeding his elder brother William). Raymond also fought in the Holy Land, and there became 1st Count of Tripoli (1101-05) after capturing Tortosa. He died February 1105. Afterwards Elvira married 2. (before 1117) Count Feran Fernandez (separated 1121), and she died before 1158.

[TOUL341] William IV (born c.1040, son of Pons & Almodis) married 1. (by 1067) Matilda; then 2. [CONT333] Emma (born c.1058, daughter of Count Robert of Mortain, see MORTAGNE COUNTS). He was Count of Toulouse (1061-94), and died in the Holy Land (1094).

[TOUL352] Matilda/Mahaut/Philippa (born c.1075, daughter of William & Emma) married 1. (c.1086) King Sancho-Ramirez of Aragon and Navarre); then 2. (1094) [AQUI351] DUKE WILLIAM IX (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).