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[TURG331] Hugh rufus was Sire of Tracy, Normandy, around the time of the Conquest. (Tracy could be either Tracy-sur-Mer, north-east of Bayeux, or Tracy-Bocage, inland 20 km south of Bayeux.)

[TURG341] Sir Turgis de Tracy married [BARN353] --- de Barnstaple (daughter & co-heiress of Johal FitzAlured of Totnes, see BARNSTAPLE). At the Domesday Survey, Turgis was sub-tenant at Butterford, Coldstone, Collaton, Fernhill, Meavy, North Bovey, Shaugh Prior and Stancombe (Devon)

[TURG352] Roesia de Tracy (daughter of Sir Turgis) married [TRAC351] William de Tracy (seenext).

[TURG351] William de Tracy (son of Sir Turgis), possibly married Rohesia.

[TURG362] Gieva de Tracy (daughter of William) had a relationship with King Henry I, see below.

[TURG361] Turgis de Tracy (born c.1100, son of William).

[TURG371] Richard FitzTurgis (possibly son of this Turgis) co-founded Roche Abbey (Yorkshire) together with Richard de Busli (see TICKHILL).


[TRAC351] William (illegitimate son of King Henry I by [TURG362] Gieva de Tracy, see earlier), married [TURG352] Roesia de Tracy (daughter of Sir Turgis de Tracy, see previous entry) and subsequently changed his surname to Tracy.

[TRAC363] Grace de Tracy (born c.1112, daughter of William) married [SUDX451] John de Sudeley (see SUDELEY).

[TRAC361] Henry de Traci, Lord of Barnstaple, fought on behalf of King Stephen (1139-43), but was defeated in 1147. He married 1. ---, then 2. Cecily Romilly (who had previously married 1. William, see MESCHIN). Cecily died c.1151-55, and Henry died c.1156.

[TRAC371] Oliver I (son of Henry & his unnamed 1st wife), Lord of Barnstaple, died c.1184.

[TRAC381] Oliver II, Lord of Barnstaple, married [LOND392] Eve de Londres (sister of Sir Thomas de Londres of Ogmore, see LONDRES). He died c.1210.

[TRAC391] Henry, Lord of Barnstaple, became Governor of Exeter Castle (1256). He married 1. --- (daughter of Baron Matthew of Torrington); then 2. [BRAM463] Maud (daughter of William, see BREWOSE BARONY). He died c.1274.

At his death his property, all in Devon, included: the manors at Bovey, Fremington, Hallesworth, Nymet Tracey, Tawstock, Winkleigh; the hall, grange and chapel at Uppehesse; and the boroughs at Barnstaple (including the castle) and Ilfracombe. His heir was his granddaughter Maud (alleged age 31) at that time married to Geoffrey de Canville (mentioned under MARTIN BARONY).

[TRAC402] Eve (only daughter & heir of Henry, but not known by which wife) married [BRIA401] Guy de Brian (see BRYAN).