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[LOBD251] Wido of Lobdengau m. [HASP242] Oda in Wormsgau
. [LOBD261] Werner II of Lobdengau m. ?
. . [LOBD252] --- (daughter of Werner II) m. [TRAN251] Engelschalk I in Traungau

[LOBD251] Widochowo/Wido of Lobdengau married [HASP242] Oda in Wormsgau (see HASPENGAU KINGDOM).

[LOBD261] Werner II of Lobdengau.

[LOBD252] --- (daughter of Werner) married [TRAN251] Engelschalk I (see TRAUNGAU below).


[TRAN191] Gaios m. ?
. [TRAN201] Wilhelm in Traungau m. Engiltrad
. . [TRAN211] Oadalman in Traungau m. ?
. . . [TRAN221] Graman in Traungau m. Maza
. . . . [TRAN231] --- in Traungau m. ?
. . . . . [TRAN241] Wilhelm I in Traungau m. Engilrat
. . . . . . [TRAN251] Engelschalk I in Traungau m. [LOBD252] --- (daughter of Werner II)
. . . . . . . [TRAN261] Werinheri in Traungau m. ?
. . . . . . . . [TRAN272] Engelmut of Traungau m. [EBER271] Count Ratold I of Andechs

[TRAN191] Gaios (born c.650).

[TRAN201] Wilhelm in Traungau (born c.680) married Engiltrad.

[TRAN211] Oadalman in Traungau (born c.710) married Perhtswint.

[TRAN221] Graman in Traungau (born c.740) married Maza.

[TRAN231] --- in Traungau.

[TRAN241] Wilhelm I in Traungau (born c.795) married Engilrat.

[TRAN251] Engelschalk I in Traungau (born c.832) married [LOBD252] --- (daughter of Werner II, see LOBDENGAU above).

[TRAN261] Werinheri in Traungau (born c.857).

[TRAN272] Engelmut (born c.880, daughter of Werinheri) married [EBER271] Ratold I of Ebersberg (see EBERSBERG COUNTY).


[TRAU331] Ulrich I m. ?
. [TRAU341] Ulrich II m. ?
. . [TRAU351] Count Meginhard in Traungau m. ?
. . . [TRAU361] Ulrich I von Traungau m. perhaps Kunigunde von Bavaria
. . . . [TRAU371] Count Berthold of Traungau m. Himiltrude
. . . . . [TRAU381] Count Thiemo I in Schweinachgau m. ?
. . . . . . [TRAU391] Count Thiemo II in Schweinachgau m. ?
. . . . . . . [FORM401] Count Heinrich II of Formbach m. Adelheid
. . . . . . . [TRAU402] Itha von Formbach-Ratelberg m. [AUST401] March Count Leopold II of Austria
. . . . . . . [TRAU403] Friedrich von Formbach m. [SNOR392] Gertrud von Haldensleben
. . . . . . . . [TRAU412] Hedwig von Formbach m2. [LORR342] Duke Thierry II of Lorraine

[TRAU331] Ulrich I.

[TRAU341] Ulrich II.

[TRAU351] Meginhard I was a Count in Traungau.

[TRAU361] Ulrich I (born 950, possibly son of Meginhard I) married Kunigunde (perhaps daughter of DUKE BERTHOLD OF BAVARIA & Bieltrud).

[TRAU371] Berthold (born 980), Count in Traungau (c.1000-05), married Himiltrude.

[TRAU381] Thiemo I (born c.1000), Count in Schweinachgau, Reichenhall and Salzburggau, died 1048.

[TRAU391] Thiemo II von Schweinachgau (born 1028), Count in Schweinachgau, was killed in battle with the Bohemians (28th August 1040).

It would appear that it was Count Thiemo I who was killed in August 1040, as Thiemo II was only age 12 at that date. Also this would then agree with his daughter Itha born in 1050.

[TRAU402] Itha von Formbach-Ratelberg (born 1050, daughter of Thiemo) married [AUST401] March Count Leopold II (see AUSTRIA MARCH COUNTY & DUKEDOM). After his death (12th October 1095), Dowager March Countess Itha took part in the First Crusade. The army was defeated near Tarsus (1101), and presumably Itha was killed.

[TRAU403] Friedrich von Formbach (son of Thiemo) married [SNOR392] Gertrud von Haldensleben (daughter of Count Konrad, see NORDMARK).

[TRAU412] Hedwig von Formbach (daughter of Friedrich) married 1. Gerhard von Supplingenburg; then 2. [LORR342] Thierry II of Lorraine (see LORRAINE DUKEDOM).


[TRAU391] Count Thiemo II in Schweinachgau m. ?
. [FORM401] Count Heinrich II of Formbach m. Adelheid
. . [FORM411] Count Dietrich of Formbach m. Adelheid
. . . [FORM422] Hedwig von Formbach m. [WASS421] Count Englebert of Wasserburg

[FORM401] Heinrich II (son of Thiemo II), was Count of Formbach. He married Adelheid (said to be daughter of Count Gebhard I of Sulzbach, but without proof).

[FORM411] Dietrich (born 1060), Count of Formbach, married Adelheid (born 1082, said to be daughter of March Count Leopold of Austria, but this is considered unlikely). Adelheid died 1120 (age 38), and Dietrich died 29th November 1144 (age 84).

[FORM422] Hedwig von Formbach (born 1100, daughter of Dietrich) married [WASS421] Count Engelbert (see WASSERBURG COUNTY).