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[TREG451] William de Tregoz m. Agnes
. [TREG461] William de Tregoz m. ?
. . [TREG471] Robert de Tregoz m. [SUDE472] Sibyl de Ewyas
. . . [TREG481] Robert Tregoz m. [CAUN472] Juliane of Abergavenny
. . . . [TREG491] Lord John Tregoz m1. [FZWN492] Mabel FitzWarin of Abberbury
. . . . . [TREG502] Sibyl Tregoz m. [GRAD501] Lord William of Grandison
. . . . . [TREG503] Clarice Tregoz m. [WARR531] Lord Roger la Warre

[TREG441] --- le Sire de Tregoz

[TREG451] William de Tregoz (born c.1090), Sheriff of Wiltshire, married [LUCY352] Agnes de Lucy (daughter of Robert de Lucy, see LUCY)..

[TREG461] William de Tregoz (born c.1125).

[TREG471] Sir Robert I (born c.1168) married (c.1198) [SUDE472] Sibyl (daughter & heir of Robert de Sudeley of Ewyas, see SUDELEY). Robert died c.1215, and afterwards Sibyl married 2. (c.1216-17) Roger (son of Walter de Clifford, of Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, see CLIFFORD). Sibyl died c.1236.

[TREG481] Robert II (born c.1200, son & heir) married (c.1245) [CAUN472] Juliane (daughter of William, see ABERGAVENNY (CAUNTELOU) BARONY). Robert was killed at the Battle Evesham (4th August 1265), and Juliane died August 1285.

[TREG491] John (born c.1245, son & heir of Robert) married 1. [FZWN492] Mabel (daughter of Sir Fulk, see WARIN). Mabel had previously married 1. William de Crevequer. After Mabel died, John married 2. Joan (daughter of Adam de Cokefeld of Feltwell, Norfolk, and Moulton, Suffolk). John was created 1st Lord Tregoz (1297), and died 31st August 1300. Afterwards, Joan married 2. (before February 1300-01) Lawrence de Hameldene; then 3. (c.1313-14) William de Beauchamp, who died 1354. John left no male issue, and his two coheirs were (1) his deceased elder daughter Clarice's son, John la Warre, and (2) his younger daughter Sibyl.

[TREG502] Sibyl (younger daughter & coheir of John & Mabel) married [GRAD501] Lord William (see GRANDISON BARONY).

[TREG503] Clarice (daughter of John & Mabel) married [WARR531] Lord Roger la Warre, (see WARRE BARONY).