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[TURE261] Count Raoul of Turenne m. Aiga (widow)
. [TURE271] Count Godefroi of Quercy m. Gerberge
. . [TURE281] Count Godefroi of Turenne m. Godelinda
. . . [TURE291] Count Robert of Turenne m. Blitgarde of Bourbon
. . . . [TURE301] Count Adhemar of Quercy &. mistress
. . . . . [TURE311] Vicomte Bernard de Turenne m. Deda
. . . . . . [TURE322] Sulpicie de Turenne m. [COMB321] Vicomte Archambaud II de Comborn

[TURE261] Raoul/Rodolphe, Count of Turenne, married Aiga/Aygane (widow of 1. Count Immo). Raoul died 843, afterwards Aiga married 3. Count Ranulf II of Auvergne (see HOUSE OF AUVERGNE).

[TURE271] Godefroi I, Count of Quercy (843), married Gerberge.

[TURE281] Godefroi II, Count of Turenne (866), married Godelinde.

[TURE291] Robert II le vieux, Count of Turenne, married Blitgarde de Bourbon.

[TURE301] Adhemar I, Vicomte de Echelles (898), Count of Quercy (935), married 1. Fauciburge; then 2. Gausla.

[TURE311] Bernard I (illegitimate son of Adhemar), Lay-abbot of Tulle Saint-Martin (c.947), Vicomte de Turenne (963), married Deda.

[TURE322] Sulpicie (daughter of Bernard) married (before 952) [COMB321] Seigneur Archambaud II, Comte de Comborn (see below under SECOND LINE).


[TOUL272] Count Raymond I of Toulouse m. [REIM272] Bertha de Reims
. [COMB281] Foulques de Limoges m. --- d'Auvergne
. . [COMB291] Vicomte Hildebert de Limoges m. [AURI292] Adaltrude of Aurillac
. . . [COMB301] Vicomte Foucher I de Limoges m. Christine
. . . . [COMB311] Vicomte Archambaud I de Comborn m. Ildearde
. . . . . [COMB321] Vicomte Archambaud II de Comborn m. [TURE322] Sulpicie de Turenne
. . . . . . [COMB331] Vicomte Ebles de Turenne m1. [NORM316] Beatrice de Normandy
. . . . . . . [COMB341] Vicomte William de Turenne m. Matilda
. . . . . . . . [COMB351] Vicomte Boson I de Turenne m. Gerberge de Terrasson
. . . . . . . . . [COMB361] Vicomte Raymond I de Turenne m. [PERC351] Matilda du Perche
. . . . . . . . . . [COMB372] Margaret de Turenne m3. [ANGO371] Count William IV of Angouleme

[COMB281] Fulcoad/Foulques I de Limoges (born 830, son of [TOUL272] Count Raymond I, see TOULOUSE COUNTY), Vicomte de Limoges, married --- d'Auvergne. He died 885.

[COMB291] Hildebert/Aldebert de Limoges (born 850), Vicomte de Limoges, married [AURI292] Adaltrude d'Aurillac (daughter of Count Gerard, see AURILLAC COUNTY). He died 916.

[COMB301] Foucher I de Limoges (born c.885), Vicomte de Limoges, married Dina de Chanac. He died 930.


[COMB311] Archambaud I (born c.900, son of Foucher I), Vicomte de Comborn, married (933) Ildearde (daughter of Ranulphe d'Avalene & Dina de Castelnau). He died 959.


[COMB321] Archambaud II jambe-pourrie (born c.934, son of [COMB311] Archambaud I), Vicomte de Comborn, married (before 952) [TURE322] Sulpicie de Turenne (see FIRST LINE above), and thereby acquired Chateau de Turenne. He died 996.

[COMB331] Ebles (born 953, son of Archambaud II), Vicomte de Turenne, married 1. [NORM316] Beatrice de Normandy (illegitimate daughter of Count Richard I of Normandy & his mistress Gunora de Crepon, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM), divorced 1001, returned to Normandy and was appointed Abbess of Montivilliers (1035), and died 18th January 1035; then 2. Petronille. He died 1007.

[COMB341] William de Comborn (son of Ebles & Beatrice), Vicomte de Turenne, married Matilda.

[COMB351] Boson I de Turenne (born c.1043), Vicomte de Turenne, married Gerberge de Terrason (born c.1057, daughter of Count Pierre I de Terrason & Petronille de Riviere). He died in Jerusalem (1091), and Gerberge died 1103.

[COMB361] Raymond I de Turenne (son of Boson & Gerberge), VIcomte de Turenne, married [PERC351] Matilda (daughter of Count Geoffrey, see CHATEAUDUN). Afterwards Matilda married 2. Guy le gros de Lastours.

[COMB372] Margaret (daughter of Raymond) married 1. Vicomte Ademar IV de Limoges; then 2. Vicomte Ebles V de Ventadour; then 3. (1147) [ANGO371] Count William IV taillefer (see ANGOULEME COUNTY).