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[TURI291] Arduin I, Count of Turin.

[TURI301] Odo of Neustria (born c.845). This generation is omitted in some accounts.

[TURI311] Roger I (born c.870), a French knight, married --- (widow of Count Rudolf of Auriate), and thus became Count of Auriate.

[TURI321] Arduino II glabrione [bald], Count of Auriate, Regent of the March Count of Turin (941), Marquis of Italy (942-72), March Count of Turin (962). He married [MOSZ322] Emilia (daughter of [MOSZ311] Manfred of Mosezzo). Arduino died after 976.

[TURI331] Olderico Manfredo I (born c.939, eldest son of Arduino II Glabrione), March Count of Turin, married (before 991) [CANO332] Prangarda/Prangilda (daughter of Adalberto Azzo, see CANOSA). Manfredo died before 1001.

[TURI352] Manfredo di Susa Ermengarde (daughter of Olderico) married [SCHW401] Otto III (born c.1004, DUKE OTTO III OF SWABIA, see SCHWEINFURT).

[TURI351] Manfredo II Udalrico di Susa (born 992, son of Olderico) married (1014) [ESTE352] Bertha/Berta (daughter of Oberto II, see ESTE MARCH COUNTY). He was March Count of Susa & Turin, and died at Turin (29th October 1034). Berta died c.1037-40.

[TURI362] Adelaide (born at Turin, 1020, daughter & heir of Manfredo Udalrico) married 1. (1036) Duke Hermann IV of Swabia, died 1038; then 2. (1042) Marquis aleraminico Enrico/Henry of Montferrat, died 1044; then 3. (1045) [SAVO361] Count Oddone (see SAVOY COUNTY).

[TURI363] Berta (daughter of Manfredo Udalrico) married [SALU351] Oddone (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).

[TURI361] Guido di Susa (only son of Manfredo). He predeceased his father (died 1029).

[TURI371] Arduino, Count of Canavese.

[TURI381] Guido, Count of Canavese, married [SALU362] Gerberga (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).

[TURI391] Guy di Valperga married [MILA362] Beatrice Visconti (see MILAN).

[TURI402] Beatrice (daughter of Guy) married [GENV371] Count William (see GENEVA COUNTY).