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[URGE301] Armengol I (son of [BARC351] Count Borrell II (see BARCELONA COUNTY), Count of Urgell (992-1010), married (before 1001) [ROTB322] Tetberga (daughter of Count Ratbald, see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY). He was killed in battle with the Moslems at Cordoba (1st September 1010), and his severed head was taken away by the victors.

[URGE311] Armengol II (born 1009), Count of Urgell (1010-38), married 1. (1026) Arsenda; then 2. (1030) [BESA312] Constanza (daughter of Count Bernat, see BESALU & CERDANYA COUNTY). He died while on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem (1038). Constanza was Regent of Urgell for her under-age son (1038-48).

[URGE321] Armengol III el de barbastro (born c.1032, son of Armengol & Constanza), Count of Urgell (1038-65), married 1. (c.1048) allegedly his first-cousin [BESA322] Adelaide de Besalu (daughter of Count Guillem & Adelaida, see BESALU & CERDANYA COUNTY), died by 1055; then 2. (1055) Clemence (conjectured to be a daughter of Berengar Raymond I & Guisla, see BARCELONA COUNTY); then 3. Elvira; then 4. Sancha de Aragon (widow, daughter of King Ramiro I of Aragon, by his first wife Hermensenda [formerly Gilberga] of Cousserans, see HOUSE OF NAVARRE). He was killed in battle at Barbastro (February/ March 1065). One old (allegedly unreliable) account reverses the order of his first two wives, and shows Clemence as the mother of his successor.

[URGE331] Armengol IV (born c.1050, son of Armengol & Adelaide), Count of Urgell (1065-92), married 1. (1077) Lucia; then 2. (1079) [PRO3352] Countess Adelaide of Forcalquier (daughter of Count William VI Bertrand see PROVENCE (HOUSE OF AGEL) COUNTY). He died 28th March 1092.

[FORC341] William I (son of Armengol IV & Adelaide) is described under FORCALQUIER COUNTY.