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The pedigree is suspect and the dates conjectural.

[VALL331] Roger Rainald de Valletort [Vautorte], Mayenne, Maine, France, married Joel de Vautorte born 1000).

[VALL341] Godfrey de Valletort (born c.1035, perhaps 1025). He had two sons, Hugh and Reginald.

[HATC421] Hugh de Valletort is dealt with under HATCH.

[VALL351] Reginald I de Valletort of Bere Ferrers (born c.1060, perhaps 1050).  He died c.1086.

Reginald de Valletort held (at the time of the Domesday Survey, 1086) Trematon Castle under Count Robert of Mortain (see CONTEVILLE). Reginald's holdings were Appledore, Ashton, Bicton, Braddock, Ellbridge, Gear, Halton, Killigorrick, Landreyne, Langunnett, Lanhadron, Lantyan, Larnick, Lewarne, Maker, Newton Ferrers, Penhawger, Penpoll, Pillaton, Raphael, Torwell, Tedinnick, Trecan, Trefrize, Tregantle (Higher and Lower), Trehawke, Trelawne, Tramaton, Tremeer and Trevelyan (all in Cornwall); and together with Bere ferrers, Bigbury, Bowcombe, Broadaford, Calstock, Cornwood, Dinnaton, Fardel, Hareston, Hewis (unidentified), Honick Knowle (in Plymouth), Lipson (in Plymouth), Ludbrook, Lupridge, Modbury, Newton Ferrers, Orcheton (Great and Little), Spriddlestone, Stockleigh English, Torpeak, Torridge (in Plympton St. Mary), Venn, Wederige (unidentified) and Winston (all in Devon). Reginald's chief seat was at Bere Ferrers (Devon). Note that Newton Ferrers in Cornwall and Devon and two separate places, 20 miles apart. This totals about fifty-three Fees (one or two places were mentioned more than once, so may have counted as separate Fees), whilst his grandson Ralph de Valletot, was said to have held fifty-nine Knights-Fees in Cornwall and Devon at the 1165 tally, possibly the highest recorded at that date. 

[VALL361] Reginald II de Valletort II (born c.1080), Baron of Trematon.

[VALL371] Robert de Valletort of Bere Ferrers (born c.1115) married Alice. He died c.1161.

[VALL381] Ralph de Valletort of Trematon (born c.1140) married [CORW364] Joan FitzRoy de Dunstanville (born c.1150, daughter of Reginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall, by Beatrice FitzWilliam, see CORNWALL (FITZROY) EARLDOM).

[VALL391] Sir Roger II de Valletort of Trematon (born c.1165) married Alesia. He died 1207.

[VALL402] Isabel (born c.1191, daughter of Roger) married 1. ---; then 2. [CORB401] Thomas  Corbet (see CAUS (CORBET) FEUDAL BARONY).