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[VALS281] Raoul II de Gouy (son of [CAMB281] Count Raoul I, see CAMBRAI COUNTY), Count of Ostrevant, Amiens and Valois, married (c.915-20) [VEXN282] Liedgarde du Vexin (daughter of Count Adelramn III, see VEXIN COUNTY). After Raoul died, Liedgarde married 2. (c.926) Count Waleran I (see MEULAN COUNTY).

[VALS292] Gauthier I le blanc de Valois, Count of Amiens, Mantes, Valois & the Vexin, married (after 954) 1. Eve; then (after 987) 2. [ANJO292] Adele d'Anjou (?daughter of Count Fulk I le roux, see ANJOU COUNTY); then 3. Alix de Vermandois (daughter of Bernard de Vermandois & Adele). Adele de Dreux died 991, and Gauthier died 987.

[VALS302] Alix (daughter of Gauthier I & presumably 2nd wife, but could be 3rd) married 1. [MEUL321] Vicomte Hugh de Meulan (see MEULAN COUNTY); then 2. Vicomte Robert de Mantes.

[VALS301] Gauthier II de Mantes le blanc (son of Gauthier I & Adele), Count of Mantes, Amiens and the Vexin. He married (c.989) [SENZ342] Countess Adele de Senlis (born c.944, see SENLIS COUNTY).

[SUDE421] Dreux Drogo (born c.1000, son of Gauthier II), Count of Mantes and the Vexin, is described under SUDELEY.

[VALS312] Sprotte de Crepy (daughter of Gauthier II) married [GRAZ301] Guillaume de Grandmesnil (see GRANDMESNIL).

[VALS311] Ralph II de Crepy (son of Gauthier II), Count of Amiens and Valois, married (c.1020) [CHAR312] Adele de Chartres (born 1000, daughter of Vicomte Hildouin de Chartres, see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY). Adele died 11th September 1051.

[VALS321] Ralph III (born c.1021), le grand, Count of Valois, Amiens and the Vexin, married 1. [SOIN322] Adele/Aelis de Bar-sur-Aube (widow, born 1000, daughter of Nocher III, see BAR-SUR-AUBE). Adele died 11th September 1053, and Ralph afterwards married 2. Alienor (heiress of Montdidier et Peronne), repudiated (1060); then 3. (1061) Anna (widow of King Henri of France, and daughter of Grand Prince Iaroslav I Vladimirovich of Kiev). He died 23rd February 1074.

[VALS333] Alix (daughter & heiress of Ralph & Adele) married [VERM331] Count Herbert IV (see VERMANDOIS COUNTY).

[VALS332] Hawise (daughter of Ralph & Adele) married [MORT401] Seigneur Roger (see WIGMORE (MORTIMER) BARONY).