Revised 25/11/2019



[VAVA401] Sir Mauger/Malger le vavas or vavasour [Anglo-Norman term for a vassal lord] at the Domesday Survey of Yorkshire was sub-tenant to Ilbert de Lacy at Hessle, and to William de Percy at Barnby Dun, Braithwell, Doncaster, Hazelwood, Old Edlington, Saxhalla and Stutton. From then onwards until 1907 the family resided at Hazelwood Castle, near Tadcaster.

[VAVA411] Sir Mauger/Malger (supposed son of Mauger/Malger).

[VAVA421] Walter Vavasour (supposed son of Mauger/Malger) founded a chapel at Hazelwood (1167), though this together with the Manor house were burned down in 1265.

[VAVA431] Sir William Vavasour (supposed son of Walter) of Hazelwood was a Justice Itinerant (1188), married Matilda Perry. He died between 1189-91.

[VAVA441] Sir Robert of Hazelwood (born c.1155, elder son & heir of William) married 1. [c.1182] [BIRK452] --- ([born c.1166], daughter of Adam de Birkin, see BIRKIN); then 2. (1208) Juliane (widow of Thomas Derie, and supposed daughter of Thomas de Multon by his 1st wife Sarah, see GILSLAND (MULTON) FEUDAL LORDSHIP), though other sources suggest she was the daughter of Gilbert Roos/Ross of Steeton. Robert was High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, and Deputy for Theobald Walter who was Sheriff of Lancaster (1197). Robert died c.1227, and afterwards his 2nd wife Juliane married 2. (before September 1233) Robert Musard.

[VAVA479] Maud ([born c.1183], daughter & coheir of Sir Robert by his 1st unnamed wife) married 1. (c.1200) [BOTI471] Theobald FitzWalter (see VERDUN), died February 1205-06; then 2. (1207) [FZWN471] Fulk III (see WARIN).