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[VALN431] Hamo de Valenis m. ?
. [VALN441] Theobald de Valognes m. ?
. . [VALN452] Bertha Valognes m. [GLAV451] Ranulfe de Glanville
. . [VALN453] Maud de Valeines m. [BOTI441] Hervey Walter

[VALN431] Hamo de Valenia (born c.1070, son of --- de Valognes), sub-tenant at Blaxhall, Carlton, Parham and Wissett (Suffolk) to Count Alan at the Domesday Survey. He married [FITZ432] Agnes FitzNigel de Valensis (daughter of [FITN421] John FitzNigel, see FITZNIGEL-2)..  Hamo died c.1129.

[VALN441] Theobald de Valognes (born c.1094, son of Robert), Lord of Parham.

[VALN452] Bertha de Valognes (born c.1120, daughter & coheiress of Theobald) married [GLAV451] Ranulfe de Glanville (born c.1112, see GLANVILLE).

[VALN453] Maud (daughter & coheiress of Theobald) married  [BOTI441] Hervey Walter (see BUTLER below).


[VERD431] Bertram m. ?
. [VERD441] Bertram m. ?
. . [VERD451] Norman de Verdun of Farnham Royal m2. [CLIG442] Lasceline de Clinton
. . . [VERD461] Bertram m2. Roesia
. . . . [VERD471] Nicholas de Verdun m1. Joan
. . . . [VERD471] Nicholas de Verdun m2. [BOTL473] Clemence le Boteler
. . . . . [VERD482] Rohese de Verdun m2. [BOTI481] Theobald II le Botiller

[VERD431] Bertram I de Verdun (born c.1062) was probably present at the Battle of Hastings, for which he was rewarded with the Manor of Farnham Royal (Bucks) as tenant-in-chief to the king. He later served overseas on behalf of the king as it was noted at the Domesday Survey that in his absence part of the Manor at Farnham Royal had been taken over by Geoffrey de Mandeville of Amersham (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM). He died c.1100.

Bertram was possibly a descendant of Godefroi le captif, Count of Verdun, who was better known as Godefroi barbatus. Godefroi acquired the term "the prisoner" after surrendering to Lothaire (985) and being imprisoned by him for two years. Godefroi later surrendered his claim to Verdun to his son Frederick, and thereafter it remained with the family until the death of Godefroi V (1100), though the latter's claim to the title was through his mother Ida who was the daughter of Godefroi II the bearded (grandson of Godefroi le captif), see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF VERDUN) DUKEDOM). The suggestion that Bertram was the son of Godefroi le captif cannot be correct, but his exact position (if at all) as a descendant can only be conjectured.

 [VERD441] Bertram II , held Farnham Royal (Bucks) as tenant-in-chief of the king. He died c.1129.

 [VERD451] Norman de Verdun (born c.1120), of Farnham Royal (Bucks), Sheriff of Leicestershire, Chamberlain & Treasurer to King Henry I, married 1. Agnes; then 2. (c.1135) [CLIG442] Lasceline (born 1115, daughter of Geoffrey, Lord Chamberlain, see CLINTON). He died c.1153.

[VERD461] Bertram III de Verdun (born c.1137, son of Norman & Lesceline), of Farnham Royal, feudal Lord of Alton, built Alton Castle (Staffs) in 1166. He also held Brandon Castle (Warks) and Belton Manor (Leics), and was Sheriff of both Warwickshire and Leicestershire (1155-69). He married 1. Maud de Ferrers (daughter of Earl Robert, see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM); then 2. Roesia (alleged daughter of Gerald de Windsor). He was a Crusader under King Richard I,. Bertram granted land at Cotton and Croxden (both near Alton) to the Cistercian monks at Aunay-sur-Odon. He founded a monastery at Cotton (1176), but this was moved (1179) to a more secluded spot at Croxden.

       Croxden Abbey ruins
(2 November 2011)

Bertram died at Joppa in Palestine c.1192.

[VERD471] Nicholas de Verdun (born c.1175, younger son of Bertram & Roesia [though some sources say of Maud]), of Alton (Staffs), married 1. Joan, who could have been either Joan FitzPiers (born c.1183, daughter of Piers FitzHerbert, see HERBERT) or Joan de Lacy (daughter of Walter de Lacy, see LACY(2)); then 2. (c.1202) [BOTL479] Clemence (daughter of Phillip, see PHILIP le BOTELER below).

In November 1228 Nicholas and Clemence were granted custody of Susan (born c.1214, daughter of Llywelyn, Prince of North Wales, by his wife Joan, illegitimate daughter of King John, by Clemence, see GWYNNEDD KINGDOM (1)).

Nicholas afterwards became Abbot of Burton, and died at Joppa (1232).

[VERD482] Rohese de Verdun (born c.1203-05, only daughter & ultimately sole heiress of Nicholas & Clemence). Rohese married 1. ---; then 2. (September 1225) [BOTI481] Theobald II (see BUTLER below).


[BOTI431] Hubert Walter m. ?
. [BOTI441] Hervey Walter m. [VALN453] Maud de Valeines
. . [BOTI471] Lord Theobald FitzWalter m. [VAVA472] Maud la Vavasour
. . . [BOTI481] Theobald II le Botiller m2. [VERD482] Rohese de Verdun
. . . . [BOTI492] Maud of Ireland m1. [ARU2471] Earl John of Arundel

[BOTI431] Hubert I Walter.

[BOTI441] Hervey Walter (son & heir), of West Dereham (Norfolk), married [VALN453] Maud (daughter of Theobald Valeines, see VALEINES above). Hervey was living 1171.

[BOTI471] Theobald FitzWalter (son & heir) was Lord of Leinster (c.1189), Pincerna (1192), styled Theobald Butler (before 1194) and Sheriff of Lancashire (1194-99). He married (c.1200) [VAVA479] Maud (daughter & coheir of Sir Robert, see VAVASOUR). He founded Nenagh Abbey (Co. Tipperary), Wotheny Abbey (Co. Limerick) and Arklow Monastery (co. Wicklow). By his marriage to Maud, he also acquired the Manors of Edlington, Newborough, etc. (Yorkshire). He died February 1205-06, and was buried at Wotheny Abbey (Co. Limerick). Afterwards, Maud married 2. (1207) [FZWN471] Fulk FitzWarin (see WARIN).

[BOTI481] Theobald II le botiller (born at Arklow, c.1200, only son & heir) married 1. Joan (daughter of Geoffrey du Marais & Eva de Bermingham, Lady of Offaly); then 2. (abt. September 1225) [VERD482] Rohese (widow, only daughter and ultimately sole heiress of Nicholas, see under VERDUN above). Theobald was Lord Justice of Ireland. He died at Poitou (19th July 1230), and was buried at Arklow Abbey, Ireland.

Rohese founded Grace Dieu Priory (1242).

       Grace Dieu Priory ruins
(31 October 2011)

In a plea (1243) Rohese claimed to hold Stoke Farthing as the heir of Philip Butler, the father of the said Clemence. Rohese also held Stapellaunton (Wilts), which she later gave to her daughter Maud as marriage settlement. Rohese died 10th February 1246-47 and was buried at Grace Dieu Priory. Her remains were reburied at nearby Belton Church (1538). There was also a tomb chest monument presumed to be of her at her Priory, afterwards moved to Belton, St. John the Baptist Church, (Leics).
       Belton Church
(28 October 2011)
Cover of Rohese's tomb chest
temporarily laid alongside the hole
in which her bones were presumably laid
(28 October 2011)
Vernon shield on chest cover, to the left (facing) of Rohese's head
(28 October 2011)
Rose on chest cover, to the right (facing) of "Rose's" head
(28 October 2011)

             The accompanying brass plaque records:

                ROHESIA   DE   VERDON
     FOUNDED  GRACEDIEU       A.D. 1242.
     DIED    A.D.1248.
     THERE TO THIS CHURCH      A.D. 1539.
                                    A.D. 1912.

[BOTI492] Maud (daughter of Theobald II & Rohese) married 1. [ARU2471] Earl John (see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM); then 2. Richard d'Amundeville.


[BOTL461] Philip le Boteler m. ?
. [BOTL472] Clemence le Boteler &. [PLAN381] King John of England
. [BOTL473] Clemence le Boteler m2. [VERD471] Nicholas de Verdun

[BOTL461] Philip le Boteler (born possibly in France, c.1150), held Wilsford and Stoke Farthing (Wilts).

[BOTL479] Clemence le Boteler (born at Steeple Lavington, Wilts, c.1175, daughter of Philip). She had a relationship with 1. [PLAN389] King John (see PLANTAGENET KINGS), then later married 2. (1202) married [VERD471] Nicholas de Verdun (born c.1175, see VERDUN above).