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[MOSE301] Palatine Count Wigerich in Lotharingia m. Kunegund von Westfranken
. [LOTU301] Count Gozelin of Bidgau m. [META302] Uda von Metz
. [MOSE312] Countess Liutgard of Luxembourg m1. [LNGW281] Count Adalbert I of Metz
. [MOSE313] Countess Liutgard of Lotharingia m2. [NORG291] Count Eberhard IV in Nordgau
. [MOSE311] Duke Frederick I of Upper Lorraine m. [CAPE312] Beatrix de France
. . [MOSE322] Beatrix von Upper Lorraine m. [RHEJ411] Count Conrad III of Ortenau
. . [MOSE321] Duke Thierry I of Upper Lorraine m. [MEZZ311] Richildis von Metz
. . . [MOSE333] Adelheid von Upper Lorraine m. [LIMX321] Count Waleran I of Limburg & Arlon
. . . [MOSE334] Hildegarde de Metz m. [ANJO312] Count Fulk III of Anjou
. . . [MOSE331] Duke Frederick II of Upper Lorraine m. [SWA2302] Matilda von Swabia
. . . . [MOSE342] Countess Sophie of Bar m. [BARL341] Count Louis II of Montbeliard
. . . . [MOSE343] Beatrice von Upper Lorraine m2. [LOTU341] Duke Godefroi II of Lower Lotharingia

[MOSE301] Wigerich of Aachen (born c.882, whose grandmother was probably King Louis II of France). He was Count of Bidgau & Ardennegau, and also Palatine Count of Lotharingia (see also LOTHARINGIA (PALATINE COUNTS)). He married (907-09) Kunigunde of Westfranken (daughter of Irmentrude).  He died c.916-19, after which Kunigunde married 2. [RICV291] Count Richwin of Verdun, see VERDUN COUNTY below.

[LOTU301] Gozelin/Gothelon (son of Wigerich) is dealt with under HOUSE OF VERDUN below.

[MOSE318] Liutgard (born 910, daughter of Wigerich), Countess of Lotharingia, married 1. [LNGW281] Count Adalbert of Metz (see LONGWY COUNTY), killed in battle (944); then 2. [NORG291] Count Eberhard of Metz (see NORDGAU COUNTY).

[MOSE311] Frederick I (born c.912, son of Wigerich), DUKE OF UPPER LORRAINE (959-978), married (954) [CAPE312] Beatrix (daughter of Count Hughes, see ROBERTIAN HOUSE). He died 18th May 978. She died 23rd September 987.

[MOSE322] Beatrix (born 967, daughter of Frederick) married [RHEJ411] Count Conrad of Ortenau (see RHEINFELDEN COUNTY).

34.  [MOSE321] Thierry I (born c.965, son of Frederick), DUKE OF UPPER LORRAINE (978-1027) married [MEZZ312] Richildis of Metz (born c.960, daughter of Count Folmar I, see METZ).

Gisela (daughter of Thierry) possibly married Count Gerard II of Metz (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[MOSE333] Adelais (daughter of Thierry) married [LIMX321] Count Waleran I of Limburg & Arlon (see LIMBURG (LONGWY) COUNTY).

[MOSE334] Hildegarde (daughter of Thierry) married Count Fulk III (see ANJOU COUNTY).

33.  [MOSE331] Frederick II (born c.995, DUKE OF UPPER LORRAINE (1027-33). He married (c.1016) [SWA2309] Matilda (born c.988, widow of DUKE CONRAD OF CARINTHIA, and daughter of [SAX2321] DUKE HERMANN II, see SWABIA DUKEDOM). Frederick died c.1027; and Matilda afterwards married 3. Count Esico of Bellenstedt. Matilda died 1031-32, and Esico died c.1060..

[MOSE342] Sophie de Bar (born 1018, daughter of Frederick II), Countess of Bar, married (May 1037) [BARL341] Louis II of Montbeliard (see BAR-LE-DUC).

[MOSE343] Beatrice of Upper Lorraine (daughter of Frederick II) married 1. Marquis Boniface II of Tuscany (died 1052); then 2. (c.1054) [LOTU341] DUKE GODFREY (see HOUSE OF VERDUN below).


[RICV281] Count Regnier m. ?
. [RICV292] Count Richwin of Verdun m2. Kunigunde
. . [LUXE301] Count Sigefroy of Luxembourg m. Hedvige d'Egisheim
. [RICV291] Count Richwin of Verdun m1. ?
. . [RICV301] Duke Otto of Lotharingia m. ?
. . . [RICV312] Oda de Lorraine m. [NAMU311] Count Ratbode I of Namur

[RICV281] Regnier/Rainer, Count of Verdun.

[RICV299] Richwin, Count of Verdun, married 1. ---; then 2. (c.920) Kunigunde (widow of [MOSE301] Palatine Count Wigerich, see HOUSE OF MOSELLE above). He was murdered (November 923).

[LUXE301] Sigefroy/Sigefrid ([born c.920-23], son of Richwin & Kunigunde), 1st Count of Luxembourg, is described under LUXEMBOURG COUNTY.

[RICV301] Otto (born c.890. son of Richwin by his 1st wife), Count of Verdun, also DUKE OF LORRAINE (940-42). He died 943.

[RICV312] Oda (daughter of Otto) married [NAMU311] Count Ratbode I (see NAMUR COUNTY).


[MOSE301] Palatine Count Wigerich in Lotharingia m. Kunegund von Westfranken
. [LOTU301] Count Gozelin of Bidgau m. [META302] Uda von Metz
. . [LOTU311] Count Godefroi of Verdun m. [SAX2333] Matilda von Saxony
. . . [VERF321] Count Frederic of Verdun m. ?
. . . . [VERF332] Sophie de Verdun m. [CHIN331] Count Louis II of Chiny, Warcq & Ivoix
. . . [LOTU332] Gerberge von Lorraine m. [AVAL291] Count Megingoz in Avalgau
. . . [LOTU333] Bonne d'Ardenne m. [LOTH311] Duke Charles of Lower Lotharingia
. . . [LOTU331] Duke Gothelon I of Lotharingia m. [LOM3313] Urraca
. . . . [LOTU342] Reglindis de Lower Lotharingia m. [NAMU331] Count Albert II of Namur
. . . . [LOTU343] Oda de Lower Lotharingia m. [LOUV331] Count Lambert II of Louvain
. . . . [LOTU341] Duke Godefroi II of Lower Lotharingia m2. [MOSE343] Beatrice von Upper Lorraine
. . . . . [LOTU352] Ida de Lotharingia m. [BOUL331] Count Eustace II of Boulogne

[LOTU301] Gozelin/Gothelon (son of [MOSE301] Wigerich, see HOUSE OF MOSELLE above), Count of Bidgau, married [META302] Uda von Metz (see EARLY METZ). He died c.942-43.

[LOTU312] Henry de Verdun (son of Gozelin), was Count of Arlon, and Count of Verdun.

[LOTU322] Judith (born c.952. daughter of Henry) possibly married [GER2281] DUKE OTTO (see GERMAN DUKEDOMS & KINGDOMS).

[LOTU311] Godefroi I barbatus (son of Gozelin) Count of Ardennes, Count of Verdun (963-985), Count of Bidgau, Count of Mons, Count of Hainault (973-), married (c.963) [SAX2339] Mathilde von Saxony (born 940, widow of [FLAN301] Count Baldwin III, see FLANDERS COUNTY, and daughter of [SAX2321] DUKE HERMANN BILLUNG, see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY). He died C.995-98, and Mathilde died at Ghent (25th May 1008).

[VERF321] Frederic (born c.970, son of Godefroi), Count of Verdun, Count of Castres. He died at Verdun (6th January 1022).

[VERF332] Sophie de Verdun (born c.1010, daughter of Frederic) married [CHIN331] Count Louis II of Warcq and Ivoix (see CHINY COUNTY).

[LOTU332] Gerberge (daughter of Godefroi) married [AVAL291] Count Megingoz (see AVALGAU COUNTY). [Though elsewhere it is suggested that Gerberge could have married Count Folmar II of Metz, see LATER METZ COUNTY]

[LOTU333] Bonne-Adelaide (born c.963, daughter of Godefroi) married [LOTH311] DUKE CHARLES (see LOWER LORRAINE (HOUSE OF FRANCE) DUKEDOM).

[LOTU331] Gothelon (Gozelo) I the great (born 967, son of Godefroi) married [LOM3313] Urraca (see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF IVREA) KINGDOM). He was DUKE OF ANTWERP, Count of Verdun, was DUKE OF LOWER LOTHARINGIA (1023-44), DUKE OF UPPER LOTHARINGIA (1033-44), and died 19th April 1044. Afterwards Lotharingia was again split into Upper and Lower.

[LOTU343] Oda (daughter of Gothelon) married [LOUV331] Count Lambert II (see LOUVAIN).

[LOTU342] Reglindis (daughter of Gothelon) married [NAMU331] Count Albert II (see NAMUR COUNTY).

[LOTU341] Godefroi II the bearded (son of Gothelon) married 1. Uda/Doda (died 1053); then 2. (c.1054) [MOSE343] Beatrice de Bar (widow of Boniface II di Canossa, March Count of Tuscany, who died 1052, and daughter of DUKE FREDERICK II OF UPPER LOTHARINGIA, see HOUSE OF MOSELLE above). He was Count of Verdun (1025-69), 1st DUKE OF LOWER LOTHARINGIA (April 1044), deposed (September 1044), restored (May 1046), deposed again (1047), then DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1065-69), and died at Verdun (December 1069). Beatrice died April 1076.

[LOTU352] Ida de Lotharingia (daughter of Godefroi II & Beatrice) married [BOUL331] Count Eustace II (see BOULOGNE COUNTY).


[BOUL331] Count Eustace II married 2. [LOTU351] Ida (daughter of DUKE GODEFROI, see above). See BOULOGNE COUNTY for full details.

[BOLL342] Godfrey de Boulogne (son of [BOUL331] Eustace II & Ida) was heir to his uncle (mother's brother) DUKE GODEFROI III who had no issue. This Duke was murdered (1076) but his succession was disputed by Count Albert III (see NAMUR COUNTY) who claimed the title for himself. In the event, King Heinrich IV appointed his own two-year old son, Conrad, as the new Duke (1076). After Conrad himself became King of Germany (1087), the title then passed to the original claimant, Godfrey de Boulogne. Godfrey thus became DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (1087-1100). See BOULOGNE COUNTY for further details.