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[VERM281] Herbert I (born c.857, son of [ITAL301] Count Pippin, see FRENCH KINGS IN ITALY), Count of Vermandois (896-902), married (possibly) Bertha de Morvois. He presumably had a second wife, the mother of Sprota. He also married Liedgarde (daughter of Adelramn II, see VEXIN COUNTY). He was assassinated (11th November 902) by a vassal of Count Baldwin II of Flanders.

[VERM295] Beatrice (born c.880, daughter of Herbert I) married [ROBE299] King Robert I (see ROBERTIAN HOUSE), though not proven, as "Beatrice" could have been his daughter instead.

[VERM294] Kunigunde/Hildebrande/Adele (daughter of Herbert I) married (c.918) [WETX371] DUKE UDO OF FRANCONIA (see WETTERAU COUNTY).

[VERM299] Sprota de Bretagne ([born c.900], daughter of Herbert I) married (or simply lived with) 1. [NORM281] Count William I longsword (see NORMANDY DUKEDOM); then married 2. [VAUD301] Asperleng de Pitres (see VANDREUIL).

[VERM291] Herbert II (born 879, son of Herbert I) married (by 907) [ROBE302] Adela-Liegarde (born 890, daughter of King Robert I, see ROBERTIAN HOUSE). He was Count of Meaux, Soissons & Vermandois, and died 23rd February 943.

[VERM303] Liutgard (born 915, daughter of Herbert II & Adela) married 1. (at Rouen) DUKE WILLIAM I (see NORMANDY DUKEDOM), murdered December 942; then 2. (945) [BLOI301] Count Thibaut I (see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY).

[VERM304] Adela (born 910, daughter of Herbert II & Adela) married (934) [FLAN291] Count Arnulf I (see FLANDERS COUNTY).

[VERM305] Robert de Troyes (born 910, son of Herbert II & Adela), Count of Troyes, Meaux & Chalons, married Adelaide de Troyes (daughter of Count Gilbert, see CHALONS COUNTY). Afterwards, Adelaide married 2. Count Hugh I (see CHALONS-SUR-SAONE COUNTY).

[VERM301] Albert I the pious (born 917, son of Herbert II & Adela), Count of Vermandois, married 1. Hersende; then 2 (954). [LORX303] Gerberge (born c.935, daughter of Count Gilbert, see LOTHARINGIA COUNTY). He died 8th September 987.

[CHIN311] Otto (son of Albert & Gerberge) is dealt with under CHINY COUNTY).

[VERM312] Geila (born 954, daughter of Albert & Gerberge) married [BEAS291] Yves de Beaumont (see BEAUMONT-SUR-OISE).

[VERM311] Herbert III (born 942, son of Albert & Gerberge), Count of Vermandois, married [BARS319] Ermengarde (presumed daughter of [BARS301] Count Reinald (see BAR-SUR-SEINE). Ermengarde had previously married 1. [TONN311] Count Milon IV (see TONNERRE COUNTY). He died 29th August 993.

[VERM321] Eudes/Otto (born 979, son of Herbert & Ermengarde), Count of Vermandois, married Pavie de Valois. He died 25th May 1045.

[VERM331] Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois & Valois, married 1. Gertrude; then 2. [VALS333] Countess Alix (see VALOIS COUNTY). He died c.1080.

[VERM342] Adelaide (born c.1062, daughter of Herbert IV & Adelais) married 1. [CREP341] Count Hugh (see CREPI); then 2. (1102-03) Count Renaud II of Clermont in the Beauvaisis. Adelaide died at Meulan (28th September 1124).