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[VIE2301] Rostaing I (born c.800), Seigneur de Annonay, married Sufficia. He died 844.

[VIE2311] Rostaing II (born c.838), Seigneur de Annonay, married Berthilda. He died before 889.

[VIE2321] Guigues I (born c.860), Seigneur de Annonay, married Guandalmoda. He died 895.

[VIE2331] Guigues II (born at Grenoble, c.885), Sire de Vion, married [PROT332] Wandalmodis (daughter of King Hughes of Italy, see PROVENCE (TURIN LINE) KINGDOM).

[VIE2341] Guigues III (born at Grenoble), Sire de Vion.

[VIE2351] Guigues IV, Sire de Vion, married [PRO5352] Fredeburga (born c.950, daughter of Richard de Vienne, son of Count Charles Constantine, see PROVENCE KINGDOM).

[VIE2361] Guigues V. He died c.1009.

[VIE2371] Guigues VI (born c.970), Sire de Vion, Seigneur de Albon married 1. Gotelana (daughter of Silvian de Clerieu, by Willa); then 2. Adelsindis. Guiges died some time after 1035.

[VIE2381] Guigues (Guy) I le vieux de Albon (born c.1001, son of Guido & Gotelana), Sire de Vion, Count of Albon, DAUPHIN DE VIENNOIS, married (October 1013) Adelais de Savoy (of uncertain origin). He went into the monastery at Cluny (c.1063), and died there 22nd April 1075.

The monastery at Cluny had been founded (910) by William the pious, son of Bernard II plantevelue.

[VIE2392] Adelaide (born c.1015, daughter of Guigues & Adelais) married (1030) [SAVX361] Count Amadeus I (see SAVOY COUNTY).

[VIE2391] Guigues (Guy) II le gras, (son & heir of Guigues I & Adelais), Sire de Vion, succeeded his father (c.1063) as Count of Albon & Grenoble, and DAUPHIN DE VIENNOIS. He married 1. (April 1050) Petronell (daughter of Seigneur Artaud de Annonay, by Petronell de Grenoble); then 2. (10th May 1070) Agnes/Ines (daughter of Ramon-Berenguer I & Amodis, see BARCELONA COUNTY). He died some time after 1095.

[VIE2401] Guigues (Guy) III (born c.1050-60, son of Guigues II & Petronell), succeeded his father (c.1080) as Count of Albon & Grenoble, and DAUPHIN DE VIENNOIS. He married 1. ---; then 2. [APUL343] Matilda (daughter of Count Roger, see APULIA (HOUSE OF HAUTEVILLE) DUKEDOM). (Matilda had previously married 1. (1080) March Count Raymond IV of Provence, who later married again (1094), see TOULOUSE COUNTY) Guigues died 21st December 1125.

[VIE2412] Matilda (born c.1112-16, daughter of Guigues III & Matilda) married (1123) [SAVO391] Count Amadeus III (see SAVOY COUNTY).

[VIE2413] Gersende (daughter of Guigues III & Matilda) married [FORC341] Count William I (see FORCALQUIER COUNTY).

[VIE2411] Guy IV (son of Guigues III & Matilda) married (c.1120-32) [BUR3363] Clemence/Marguerite de Macon (see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was Count of Albon & Grenoble, DAUPHIN DE VIENNOIS. He was killed in battle at Bruay-la-Buissierre, Pas-de-Calais, (28th June 1142).

[VIE2421] Guy V (born c.1125) married (c.1155) [MONX393] Beatrix (born c.1142, see MONTFERRAT MARCH COUNTY). He was DAUPHIN DE VIENNOIS, Count of Albon & Grenoble, and died at Chateau de Vizille (29th July 1162). Afterwards Beatrix married 2. Enrico I del Carretto, March Count de Finale, (died 1184).

[VIE2432] Beatrice (born 1161, daughter of Guigues V), Countess of Grenoble, married 1. (before 1179) Count Alberic Taillefer of Saint-Gilles; then 2. (1183) [BURG351] DUKE HUGHES III (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM); then 3. (1193) Seigneur Hughes de Coligny-le-Neuf.