Revised 25/01/2018


Vincent BENTLEY                        Alice Maud BODDY
Born 1854                              Born 1869
  at Beeston (YKS)                       at Acomb (YKS)

                                       Baptised 24 Oct 1869
                                         at Acomb, St Stephen

Parents Abraham/Caroline               Parents William/Anna

Married 3 Jan 1904 at Beeston, St Mary
Miner, age 49, widower, son of Abraham, labourer, deceased;
Alice Maud, age 34, widow, domestic servant, daughter of William, deceased
Witnesses William LIGHTOWLER     parish clerk
          --- Vincent HOLMES     -

Vincent previously married 1. (Hunslet Reg. Dist., 1875) Alice Graham
Alice Maud Boddy previously married 1. Henry Edward Breaker
1861 Census  3361-59  Leeds, Beeston, Roger Fold
Abm       Bentley H  M 45 labourer          Beeston
Caroline  Bentley W  M 32                   Halifax
          and family, including
Vincent   BENTLEY S  -  7                   Beeston
1871 Census  4519-65, Beeston, Rodger's Buildings
Abram     Bentley H  M 56 labourer, road    Beeston
Caroline  Bentley W  M 50                   Leeds
John      Bentley S  U 20 coal miner        Beeston
Vincent   BENTLEY S  U 17 coal miner        Beeston
James     Bentley S  - 15 coal miner        Beeston
Charlotte Bentley D  - 13 scholar           Beeston
Sarah Ann Bentley D  - 11 scholar           Beeston 
Abram     Bentley S  -  8 scholar           Beeston
William   Bentley S  -  6 scholar           Beeston
1881 Census  3443  Staveley, Prospect Place DBY
Vincent   BENTLEY H  M 26 coal miner        Beeston NTM!
Allis     Bentley W  M 27                   YKS
1891 Census  3669-58  Beeston, 1 Back Lane
Vincent   BENTLEY H  M 36 coal miner        Beeston
Alice     Bentley W  M 42                   Wensley
Florance  Bentley S  D 18 scholar           Hunslet
George H  Bentley S  -  8 scholar           Beeston
Desmond   Bentley S  -  2                   Beeston
John H    Holmes  Bd S 20 coal miner        Beeston  
1901 Census  4201-94  Beeston, 1 Back Lane
Vincent   BENTLEY H  W 46 coal miner        Beeston
Florence  Bentley D  S 23                   Hunslet
George H  Bentley S  S 18 tripe dresser     Beeston
Reginald  Bentley S  S 12                   Beeston
Daisy     Bentley D  -  9                   Beeston
1911 Census      Rotherham, Dalton, 50 Osberton Street
Vincent   BENTLEY H  M 56 coal miner hewer  Beeston
Alice     BENTLEY W  M 42 house wife        York
Alice     Bentley D  -  6                   Beeston
William   Leiner  Bd S 29 coal miner hewer  Batley
Joe       Dunn    Bd S 42 coal miner hewer  Dudley STS