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[TOXA091] Marcomir of Toxandrie.

[TOXA101] Gonobaud of Toxandrie.

[TOXA111] Ragaise of Toxandrie.

[TOXA121] Malaric I of Toxandrie, 1st King of the Franks in Toxandrie.

[TOXA132] Ascyla (daughter of Malaric I) married [VISX121] Athanaric of the Visigoths (see VISIGOTHS-1 below).


[OSTR031] Humul, King of the Goths.

[OSTR041] Augis, King of the Goths.

[OSTR051] Amal, King of the Goths.

[OSTR061] Hisarnis Amal the iron one, King of the Ostrogoths, married Hisarna of Italy.

[OSTR071] Ostragotha Amal (born c.210), King of the Ostrogoths, married Ostrogotha Av. He died c.265.

[OSTR081] Unilt Amal (born c.240), King of the Ostrogoths. He died 295.

[OSTR091] Athal Amal the noble one (born c.270), King of the Ostrogoths.

[OSTR101] Achiulf Amal (born c.290), King of the Ostrogoths.

[OSTR111] Wuldulf Ama (born c.310), King of the Ostrogoths.

[OSTR121] Walderavans Amal (born c.330), King of the Ostrogoths.

[OSTR131] Vintharius Amal (born c.350), King of the Ostrogoths.

[OSTR141] Vandelarius Amal (born c.370), King of the Ostrogoths.

[OSTR151] Teodomiro Amal (born c.413), King of the Ostrgoths, married Ereliva/Erelicia. He died 474.

[OSTR161] Theodoric Amal, King of the Ostrogoths, married Aldoflede (daughter of [MERO161] King Childeric I of Salian Franks, see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE).

[OSTR172] Princess Arevagni (bastard daughter of Theodoric Amal) married [VISG171] King Alaric II of the Visigoths (see VISIGOTHS-1 below).

[OSTR173] Princess Theodora Amales (bastard daughter of Theodoric Amal & his concubine Erelicia) married [CART181] Count Severinus of Cartagena (see CARTAGENA).


[VISG119] Aoric of the Visigoths (born 290) of the Visigoths, married 1. ---; then 2.---. He died 354.

[VISX121] Athanaric of the Visigoths (born 318, son of Aoric & 1st wife), married [TOXA132] Ascyla (see TOXANDRIE above.

[VISX132] --- (daughter of Athanaric) married [VISG131] Alaric I, see below)

[VISG121] Rocesthes of the Visigoths (son of Aoric & 2nd wife).

[VISG131] Alaric I balthes [bold] (born c.370), elected King of the Visigoths in Thrace (395-410), married [VISX132] --- (daughter of Visigoth Athanaric & Ascyla, see above). He sacked Rome (24th August 410), and was afterwards known as the Visigoth Conqueror of Rome. He died at Cosenza, Calabria, Italy, (25th August 410).

[VISG142] --- (daughter of Alaric I) married [VISG151] King Theodoric I Balthes of the Visigoths (see below).

[VISG141] Vallia Balthes (son of Alaric I), King of the Visigoths (415-18), died 420.

[VISG151] Theodoric I Balthes (born c.390, son of Vallia), King of the Visigoths (418-51), married [VISG142] --- (daughter of [VISG131] King Alaric I of the Visigoths, see earlier). He was killed in battle, near the present-day city of Troyes, (24th June 451).

[VISG161] Euric (born c.420), King of the Visigoths (466-85), married [MERO162] Ragnachilde of France (daughter of Prince Merovee, see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE). He died July 484.

[VISG171] Alaric II (born c.458), King of the Visigoths (485-507), married [OSTR172] Princess Arevagni (bastard daughter of King Theodoric Amal, see OSTROGOTHS above). He was killed by the Franks under King Clovis at the Battle of Vouille (507).

[VISG181] Amalarico (son of Alaric & Theudicote), King of the Visigoths (511-31), married [MERO182] Princess Clotilde (daughter of King Clovis of the Franks & Saint Clotilda of Burgundy, see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE).

[VISG199] Princess Godesvinda (born 525, daughter of Amalarico), married 1. [VISI191] King Atanagildo of the Visigoths, died 567; then 2. her brother-in-law, King Leovigilde of the Visigoths (see VISIGOTHS-2 below). She died c.589.


[VISI181] Liuverico Balthes [Basque].

[VISI191] Atanagildo (son of Liuverico) married (550) Princess Godesvinda (born 525, daughter of [VISG181] King Amalarico of the Visigoths, see above). With the help of a Roman force, Atanagildo defeated and killed his predecessor, King Agila I of the Visigoths (549-54), at Seville (555), thus becoming King of the Visigoths (554-67). Most unusually for the time, he died peacefully in bed (14th March 567). Afterwards Queen Godesvinda married 2. (569) her brother-in-law [VISG192] King Leovigilde of the Visigoths (see below).

[VISI202] Princess Brunhild (born c.543, daughter of Atanagildo & Godesvinda) married 1. (566) [MERO191] King Sigebert I of Austrasia (see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE), murdered 575; then 2. (576) Prince Merovich of the Franks (son of Chilperic II & Audovera), died 577.

[MERO202] Princess Chlodoswintha (daughter of Sigebert & Brunhild) married (594) [VISI201] King Rekared of the Visigoths (see below).

[VISI192] Leovigilde Balthes aka Leovigindo (born c.531, son of Liuverico Balthes) married 1. (554) [CART192] Theodosia (daughter of Count Severinus of Carthagene, see CARTAGENA); then 2. (569) his sister-in-law Queen Godesvinda (widow of King Atanagildo, see earlier), and thereby became King of the Visigoths (572-86). Leovigilde died about April 586, and Godesvinda died of poison at Toledo (c.589).

[VISI201] Rekared I (born c.559, son of Leovigilde & Theodosia), King of the Visigoths (586-601), married 1. Bauda; then 2. (594) [MERO202] Princess Chlodoswintha of Austrasia (daughter of [MERO191] King Sigebert of Austrasia & [VISI202] Brunhild, see earlier). He died June 601.

[VISI211] Swinthila (born c.584, son of Rekared & Chlodoswintha), King of the Visigoths (621-33), married Princess Theodora (daughter of King Sigebut of the Visigoths). He died 633.

[VISI221] Chindasvindo [aka Chandavinto] Balthes (born c.610, younger son of Swinthila), King of the Visigoths (642-49) then co-Ruler with his son Recesvinto (649-53), married Rekiberga (born c.588). He died 1st October 653.

[VISI232] Princess Glasvinda Balthes (daughter of Chindasvindo Balthes) married 1. Ardebasto Balthes, then 2. [LEO2191] Count Froila of Cantabria (see KINGS OF ASTURIAS AND LEON.