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(in Brittany)

[VITR311] Martin de Vitre (born c.935, son of [RENN321] Juhael Berenger, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY), Seigneur de Acigne-Marcilly-Vitre

[VITR321] Rivallon (born c.965), Seigneur de Vitre, married [GUEN322] Guenegaude (daughter of [GUEN311] Rennes d'Auray).

[VITR331] Tristran (born c.995), Seigneur de Vitre, married [FOUG342] Inogen/Ennoguende de Fougeres (daughter of Seigneur Alfred, see FOUGERES). He died c.1045.

[VITR341] Robert I de Vitre (born c.1025), Seigneur de Vitre, married (1060) [CRAZ349] Berthe (born c.1035, daughter of Guerin, see CRAON (1)). Afterwards Bertha married 2. (1078) Robert de Nevers (see LATER SABLE).

[VITR352] Ennoguen (daughter of Robert), Dame de Craon, married (before 1078) [CRAO341] Seigneur Renard II le Bourguignon (see CRAON (2)).

[VITR351] Andre de Vitre (born c.1054, son of Robert), Seigneur de Vitre, married (c.1085) [CONT332] Agnes (see MORTAGNE COUNTS). He died c.1135. [Other sources show Andre as son of Ruivallon de Vitre, by Genergan de la Vicaire.]

[VITR363] Isabelle (born c.1103, daughter of Andre) married (c.1116) [CRAO361] Seigneur Hughes (see CRAON (2)).

[VITR362] Hawise (born c.1086, daughter of Andre) married [DERB361] Earl Robert (see DERBY (FERRIERES) EARLDOM).

[VITR361] Robert II de Vitre (born c.1095, son of Andre), Seigneur de Vitre, married [GUER362] Emma de la Guerche (see GUERCHE). Emma died c.1161.

[VITR371] Robert III de Vitre (born c.1126), Seigneur de Vitre, married [DINA372] Emma (daughter of Alan de Dinan, see DINAN). He died 1173.

[VITR382] Eleanor (born 1158, daughter of Robert) married 1. William Paynel of Hambye; then 2. William FitzPatrick; then 3. Gilbert Crispin, Lord Tillieres (died 1190); then 4. [SALI381] Earl William (see SALISBURY (SALISBURY) EARLDOM).

[VITR381] Andre II (born c.1150, son of Robert III & Emma), Baron of Vitre (1173-1211), married 1. (1173) Matilda of Mayenne, annulled 1189; then 2. (1190) Enoguen of Leon; then 3. (1199) Eustacie of Rays, then 4. (c.1210) Luce Payne. Andre died 1211.

[VITR391] Andre III (born c.1200, son of Andre II & Eustacie), Baron of Vitre and Aubigne (1211-50), married 1. (1212) Catherine of Thouars (daughter of [THOU362] Guy of Thouars & Constance DUCHESS OF BRITTANY (see THOUARS); then  2. (c.1240) Thomasse de la Guerche. He died 8 February 1250.

[VITR402] Philippa (daughter of Andrew & Catherine) married [LAVA421] Guy VII de Laval (see LAVAL)