Revised 25/01/2018


Walter COOK                            Mary Louisa BODDY
Born 1864                              Born 2 Jan 1867
  at Walkhouse (LIN)                      at Acomb

                                       Baptised 18 Aug 1867
                                         at Acomb, St Stephen

Parents Joseph/Elizabeth               Parents William/Anna

Married 17 Oct 1899 at Ilkley, St Margaret
Saddler of St James' Road; bride of Wells Terrace
(Walter's father : farmer; bride's father : labourer)

Witnesses John T DIXON            -
          Maggie DEAN             -
Addresses :
1901   Ilkley, South View (saddle & harness maker)
1871 Census  4302-60  Burley (YKS)
Joseph      Cook  H  M 32 coachman dom           Ulceby LIN
Elizabeth   Cook  W  M 33                        Searby LIN
William G   Cook  S  - 10                        Bouby LIN
Walter      COOK  S  -  7                        Thornton LIN
John H      Cook  S  -  4                        Scarborough LIN !
Ellen       Cook  D  - 12                        Bouby
1881 Census  4336-124  Ilkley, Eastmoor Cottage
Joseph      Cooke H  M 42 coachman               Weebey LIN   [? Ulceby]
Elizabeth   Cooke W  M 43                        Bigby LIN    [east of Brigg]
Martha D    Cooke D  U 23                        Bigby
Ellen       Cooke D  U 22 teacher                Binby LIN    [? Bigby]
Wm G        Cooke S  U 20 printer                Binby
Walter      COOKE S  - 17 saddler                Thornton LIN [south of Horncastle]
John H      Cooke S  - 14                        Scarborough
1891 Census  3527-118  Ilkley, Wheatley Farm House
Joseph      Cook  H  M 52 farmer                 Ulceby LIN
Elizabeth   Cook  W  M 53                        Searby LIN
Walter      COOK  S  S 27 saddler                Walkhouse LIN
1901 Census  4066-58  Ilkley, South View
Walter      COOK  H  M 37 saddle & harness maker Walkhouse LIN
Mary Louise COOK  H  M 34 lodging house keeper   Ripon 
Eliz Ann    Raper Sv S 17 general domestic       Northallerton
Eliz Jane   Ward  Sv S 21 general domestic       Romanby
1911 Census not found