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[FZWN441] Guarine [Warin] from Metz in Loraine became Sheriff of Shropshire (1083), responsible for defending the Welsh Marches. He married [PEVE362] Mallet or Malette of Whittington, see PEVEREL). He was then referred to as Guarine II de Meer.

[FZWN451] Fulk I FitzWarin, of Whittington and Alveston, became Lieutenant of the Marches (1122). He unsuccessfully claimed Whittington Castle.

[FZWN462] Emmeline (daughter of Fulk) married [HUND311] Walter Hungerford (see HUNGERFORD).

[FZWN461] Sir Fulk II (son of Fulk I) was tutored in the art of chivalry by Sir Josce de Dinan, who had been installed by King Stephen at Ludlow Castle c.1139. Afterwards Fulk assisted Sir Josce in his fight to retain possession of Ludlow Castle against "a Lacy of Ewyas" (Gilbert de Lacy). (The castle later reverted to the Lacy family.) Fulk married (1178) Sir Josce's daughter & coheir, [DIN2372] Hawise (daughter of Sir Josce, see DINAN). Fulk was himself Knighted at Winchester (c.1190). He successfully claimed Whittington Castle, but died (6th November 1194) before taking up residence. Hawise died 1218.

[FZWN472] Eva (daughter of Fulk II) married [LOND391] Sir Thomas de Londres (see LONDRES).

[FZWN471] Fulk III of Whittington (son of Fulk II) married (1207) [VAVA479] Maud (daughter of Sir Robert, see VAVASOUR). (Maud had previously married 1. [BOTI471] Lord Theobald Walter, see VERDUN). Fulk took possession of Whittington Castle (1204), which had been in dispute for three generations.

        Whittington Castle
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Maud died (c.1226) and afterwards Fulk III married 2. (c.1249) Clarice Dauberville.

[FZWN481] Sir Fulk IV (born c.1208, son & heir of Fulk III & Maud) married 1. [AUBE482] Clarice (daughter of Hugh d'Auberville, see AUBERVILLE); then 2. (c.1233) Constance (daughter of Ralph de Tony, see TONY). Fulk IV possessed Abberbury Castle. He drowned in the River Ouse when endeavouring to escape at the Battle of Lewes (14th May 1264).

[FZWN492] Mabel (daughter of Sir Fulk IV & Clarice) married 1. William de Crevequer; then 2. [TREG491] Lord John Tregoz (see TREGOZ BARONY).