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Possibly from Vatteville, a commune in Haute-Normandie

[WATE301] William I de Waterville m. ?
. [WATE312] Maud de Waterville m. [CAYN311] Ralph de Cayneto
. [WATE311] Robert de Waterville m. ?
. . [WATE321] William II de Waterville m. Jutta
. . . [WATE331] Robert de Waterville m. ?
. . . . [WATE341] Geoffrey de Waterville m. [PEVX364] Asceline Peverel
. . . . . [WATE352] Matilda de Waterville m. [DIVE351] William de Dives

[WATE301] William I de Waterville (born c.1025). He possibly fought with William at the Battle of Hastings (1066), for which service he would be rewarded with lands in England. At the Domesday Survey (1086), William held land as sub-tenant to the Chertsey Abbey (Surrey), for example in Cobham, Esher and Old Malden. In addition "William de Vatteville" held land in Suffolk, including Hargrave Manor and Lidgate Manor, as tenant-in-chief to the King, and had one house at Colchester, held of Swein, which Robert FitzWymarc (Swein's father) held prior to the Conquest.

[WATE319] Maud de Waterville (born c.1048, daughter of William) married 1. [CAYN311] Ralph de Cayneto (see CAYNETO); then 2 [QUES321] Ralph de la Quesney (see QUESNEY).

[WATE311] Robert de Waterville [born c.1045] (assumed to be son of William). He held a manor in Surrey at the Domesday Survey.

[WATE321] William II de Waterville ([born c.1070], son of Robert) married Jutta. His sons were Robert, William and Otuel, and he probably had a daughter Sibylla, the benefactor of Bermondsey Priory.

[WATE331] Robert de Waterville (born c.1103).

[WATE341] Geoffrey de Waterville (born c.1130) married [PEX364] Asceline (daughter of Robert Peverel, see PEVEREL). He died at Bourn (Cambs) c.1162.

[WATE352] Matilda de Waterville (born c.1154, daughter of Geoffrey) married [DIVE351] William de Dives (see DIVES).