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[BASS451] Richard Basset of Drayton, Chief Justice of England m. [RIDE382] Matilda Ridel

. [BASW351] Geoffrey Basset de Ridel m. ?

. . [BASW361] Richard Basset m. ?

. . . [BASW371] Ralph Basset m. ?

. . . . [BASW381] Richard Basset m. ?

. . . . . [BASW391] Ralph Basset m. [WADB392] Alianore de la Wade

. . . . . . [BASW401] Lord Richard Basset of Weldon m. [HUNT402] Joan de Huntingfield

. . . . . . . [BASW411] Ralph Basset m. [LATM412] Joan le Latimer

. . . . . . . . [BASW422] Eleanor Basset m. [KNYV421] Sir John Knyvett, Lord Chancellor

[BASW351] Geoffrey Basset de Ridel (born c.1128, son of [BASS451]  Ralph, see BASSET), of Great Weldon, died 1180.

[BASW361] Richard Basset (born c.1152), of Great Weldon, died 1217.

[BASW371] Ralph Basset (born c.1175), of Great Weldon, died c.1257-58.

[BASW381] Richard Basset (born c.1212), of Great Weldon by Welland, died 1276.

[BASW391] Ralph Basset (born c.1250), of Great Weldon and Weston by Weldon, Madeley, etc, married (c.1270) [WADB392] Alianore Wade (born c.1254, daughter of [WADB381] Henry de la Wade of Bletchingdon & Stanton Harcourt). He died c.1291.

[BASW401] Richard Basset (born c.1274), of Great Weldon, became 1st Lord Basset of Weldon (1299), married [HUNT402] Joan (daughter of Roger de Huntingfield, see HUNTINGFIELD). He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314), and died very shortly afterwards.

[BASW411] Ralph Basset of Great Weldon, (born 27th August 1300, son & heir), 1st  Lord Basset, married (c.1322) [XLATM412] Joane le Latimer (daughter of Lord William Latimer (see LATIMER BARONY). Ralph died about April 1341, and afterwards Joane married 2. (1342) Robert de Fourneux.

,. [BASW411] Ralph Basset married [STOU412] Joan Sturdon (see STOURTON)., which would delete all the LATIMER pedigree. This in turn nullifies many other antecedents in other families.

[BASW422] Eleanor Basset (born 1329, daughter of Ralph) married [KNYV421] Sir John Knyvett of Winwick, Lord Chancellor (see KNYVETT).