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[WETX321] Conrad (born c.735-40), Count in Lower-Lahngau.

[WETX331] Odo II (Eudes) (born c.765-770), Count in Lower-Lahngau.

[WETX341] Gebhard/Gerard I the elder (born c.795-810), Count in Lahngau, died 879.

[WETX352] Berengar I (born c.825-30, son of Gebhard), March Count of the Norman March in Neustria (i.e. against the Vikings) (861-65). The wardship of the March was taken from him (865). He died some time after 879.

[WETX351] Odo (born c.825-30, son of Gebhard), Count in Lahngau, married Judith. He died c.879.

[FRAZ261] Conrad (son of Odo) is dealt with under FRANCONIA DUKEDOM.

[WETX361] Gebhard/Gerard the younger (born c.865, son of Odo) of Lahngau, Count of Oriental France, Count in the Wetterau, and DUKE OF LOTHARINGIA, married [BETU292] Hilda/Ida of Keldachgau (born c.870, daughter of Erenfried I, see TEISTERBANT COUNTY). He was killed in battle near Augsburg (22nd June 910).

[WETX371] Udo (born c.896, son of Gebhard) of Gleiberg, Count in the Wetterau (915), Count of Rheingau (917 & 948), Count in Lahngau (918), DUKE OF FRANCONIA (861-79), married (c.918) [VERM294] Kunigunde/ Hildebrande/Adele (various names quoted, born c.895, daughter of Herbert I, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY). He died 12th December 949.

[WETX381] Herbert I (born c.930, son of Udo I, and thus took his maternal grandfather's name) of Gleiberg, Count of Gleiberg, Count of Kinziggau and March Count of Schweinfurt, married (before 960) [AVAL302] Ermentrude (born c.952, daughter of Megingoz, see AVALGAU COUNTY). Herbert died 992, and Ermentrude died c.1020.

[WETX393] Irmentrud (born at Luxembourg, c.965, daughter of Herbert), of Gleiberg, married (c.988) [LUXE311] Count Frederick of Moselle (see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY).

[WETX392] Gerberge (born 972, daughter of Herbert) of Gleiberg is shown in some sources as married (before 1003) [SCHW391] March Count Heinrich IV (see SCHWEINFURT).