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Other versions exist for the earlier generations, which means the version set out below may not be correct.

[WEYL461] Hubert de Weyland m. Beatrice
. [WEYL471] William de Weyland m. Marsilla
. . [WEYX481] Nicholas de Weyland m. Juliane Burnell
. . . [WEYX492] Alice Weyland m. [WING481] Thomas de Wingfield
. . [WEYL481] Sir Thomas de Weyland m. [COLE482] Anne de Coleville
. . . [WEYL491] Sir William de Weyland m. [BATH492] Elizabeth de Bathe
. . . . [WEYL502] Joan Weyland m2. [PECC511] Gilbert II de Pecche
. . . . [WEYL501] Sir Robert de Weyland m. Cecily de Baldock
. . . . . [WEYL512] Katherine Weyland m. [BOTE421] John de Botetourt

[WEYL461] Hubert [Herbert] de Weyland [born c.1185], married Beatrix.

[WEYL471] William de Weyland ([born c.1205]), married Marsilla.

[WEYX481] Nicholas de Weyland ([born c.1230], son of William), married Juliane Burnell (presumably of Aston Burnell, Salop).

The manor of Westerfield is said to have been granted (c.1259) to Sir John (son of Sir Nicholas & Beatrice), by Alan, feudal Lord of Acton Burnell (Salop). See "Manors of Suffolk" Vol. 2 (Copinger, 1908). The discrepancy here cannot be resolved.

Sir Nicholas [possibly a son of Nicholas] held Westerfield, late of John de Vallibus (1287), was Knighted (1290), went to Jerusalem for 3 years (1291-94), and died some time before 1313. His widow Joan was last heard of 1321.

[WEYX492] Alice de Weyland (born 1255, daughter of [WEYX481] Nicholas) married (at Wingfield) [WING481] Thomas de Wingfield (see WINGFIELD).

[WEYL481] Sir Thomas de Weyland (born at Brandeston, 1230, 3rd son of William), married (at Brandeston, 1264) [COLE482] Anne de Coleville (born 1245, daughter of [COLE471] Richard de Coleville), she died at Brandeston (1268); then 2. (at Brandeston 1269) Margery de Moese.

Wikipedia has an article on Sir Thomas, which records that Thomas (3rd son of William) purchased Blaxhall and Chillesford Manors, Suffolk, (1258). He was Chief Justice (1278-89), exiled for harbouring killers (1291), settled in Paris (1292), was pardoned and returned home (1297), and died at Killocheran, Waterford, Ireland, (January 1298).

Margery died at Brandeston (26th June 1324).

[WEYL491] Sir William de Weyland (born at Brandeston, 1265, son of Thomas & Anne) married (at Charsfield, 1299) [BATH492] Elizabeth de Bathe (born 1279, daughter of [BATH481] Sir Osbert de Bathe, born at Radwell, Somerset, 1250, and Osbert died at Radwell, January 1296).

[WEYL502] Joan de Weyland (born at Charsfield, Suffolk, 1300, daughter of William) married 1. (at Ingoldesthorpe, March 1308) John Ingoldesthorpe (died at Ingoldesthorpe, 1335); then 2. (at Great Bealings, March 1336) [PECC511] Gilbert II de Pecche (see PECCHE).

[WEYL501] Sir Robert de Weyland (born at Brandeston, c.1295) married (c.1316) Cecily de Baldock (daughter of Thomas de Baldock).

[WEYL512] Katherine de Weyland (born at Brandeston, c.1332, daughter of Robert) married [BOTE421] John de Botetourt (see BOTETOURT).