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Other versions exist for the earlier generations, which means the version set out below may not be correct.

[WEYL461] Hubert de Weyland m. Beatrice
. [WEYL471] William de Weyland m. Marsilla
. . [WEYX481] Nicholas de Weyland m. Juliane Burnell
. . . [WEYX492] Alice Weyland m. [WING481] Thomas de Wingfield
. . [WEYL481] Sir Thomas de Weyland m. [COLE482] Anne de Coleville
. . . [WEYL491] Sir William de Weyland m. [BATH492] Elizabeth de Bathe
. . . . [WEYL502] Joan Weyland m2. [PECC511] Gilbert II de Pecche
. . . . [WEYL501] Sir Robert de Weyland m. Cecily de Baldock
. . . . . [WEYL512] Katherine Weyland m. [BOTE421] John de Botetourt

[WEYL461] Hubert [Herbert] de Weyland [born c.1185], married Beatrix.

[WEYL471] William de Weyland ([born c.1205]), married Marsilla.

[WEYX481] Nicholas de Weyland ([born c.1230], son of William), married Juliane Burnell (presumably of Aston Burnell, Salop).

The manor of Westerfield is said to have been granted (c.1259) to Sir John (son of Sir Nicholas & Beatrice), by Alan, feudal Lord of Acton Burnell (Salop). See "Manors of Suffolk" Vol. 2 (Copinger, 1908). The discrepancy here cannot be resolved.

Sir Nicholas [possibly a son of Nicholas] held Westerfield, late of John de Vallibus (1287), was Knighted (1290), went to Jerusalem for 3 years (1291-94), and died some time before 1313. His widow Joan was last heard of 1321.

[WEYX492] Alice de Weyland (born 1255, daughter of [WEYX481] Nicholas) married (at Wingfield) [WING481] Thomas de Wingfield (see WINGFIELD).

[WEYL481] Sir Thomas de Weyland (born at Brandeston, 1230, 3rd son of William), married (at Brandeston, 1264) [COLE482] Anne de Coleville (born 1245, daughter of [COLE471] Richard de Coleville), she died at Brandeston (1268); then 2. (at Brandeston 1269) Margery de Moese., by which he acquired the Manor(s) of Campsea and/or Ashe.

Wikipedia has an article on Sir Thomas, which records that Thomas (3rd son of William) purchased Blaxhall and Chillesford Manors, Suffolk, (1258). He was Chief Justice (1278-89), exiled for harbouring killers (1291), settled in Paris (1292), was pardoned and returned home (1297), and died at Killocheran, Waterford, Ireland, (January 1298).

Margery died at Brandeston (26th June 1324).

[WEYL491] Sir William de Weyland (born at Brandeston, 1265, son of Thomas & Anne) married (at Charsfield, 1299) [BATH492] Elizabeth de Bathe (born 1279, daughter of [BATH481] Sir Osbert de Bathe, born at Radwell, Somerset, 1250, and Osbert died at Radwell, January 1296).

[WEYL502] Joan de Weyland (born at Charsfield, Suffolk, 1300, daughter of William) married 1. (at Ingoldesthorpe, March 1308) John Ingoldesthorpe (died at Ingoldesthorpe, 1335); then 2. (at Great Bealings, March 1336) [PECC511] Gilbert II de Pecche (see PECCHE).

[WEYL501] Sir Robert de Weyland (born at Brandeston, c.1295) married (c.1316) Cecily de Baldock (daughter of Thomas de Baldock).

[WEYL512] Katherine de Weyland (born at Brandeston, c.1332, daughter of Robert) married [BOTE421] John de Botetourt (see BOTETOURT).