Revised 25/01/2018


William BODDY                          Martha Abigail CHADWICK nee BRIGGS
Born 17 Jun 1839                       Born 1845
  at Bingley                             at Bingley

Bapt 15 Sep 1839
  at Bingley, All Saints

Parents William/Elizabeth              Parents Thomas/Abigail

Married 8 Mar 1876 at Bradford, St Peter
Mechanic Fitter (widower); bride Worsted Weaver (widow); both of 27 Filbert Street

Witnesses Sarah Ann HARRISON
          W A SEWELL

Died 12 Mar 1903 (age 63)              Died 17 Apr 1896 (age 52)
  at Bradford, 3 Burrow Street           at Bingley, 2 Norman Street

Remarks :
William previously married 1. Mary Widdop
Martha Abigail previously married 1. (10/2/1868, Bingley, All Saints) James Chadwick
William afterwards married 3. Emily Holroyd

Addresses :
1879    Bradford, Thornton
1881    Halifax, Northowram, 52 St Thomas Street (beer seller)
1891    Bradford, Horton, 3 Burrow Street, Queens Head Inn (beer seller)
1900                                                       (inn keeper)

Children :
Fred CHADWICK    b 1873 Keighley; m. Adelaide Proctor
Mary BODDY       b 1875 Keighley; d Aireworth Street (age 7w); 
                 buried 22/6/1875 Utley Cemetery (grave D192)
Eliza            b 1878 Thornton; m. Frederick Sayer
Mary             b 1880 Halifax; d 1881 Halifax (age 0)
1851 Census  2286-19  Bingley, Prospect Street
Thomas     Briggs   H   M 51 p.l.w wstd                 Haworth
Abigail    Briggs   W   M 51                            Whitley LAN
Christiana Briggs   D   U 28 p.l.w wstd                 Whitley
William    Briggs   S   U 19 comb maker j               Haworth
Nancy      Briggs   D   - 14 p.l.w wstd                 Bingley
Thomas     Briggs   S   - 12 factory lab (spinner)      Bingley
Sarah Ann  Briggs   D   - 10 factory lab (spinner)      Bingley
Mary       Briggs   D   -  7                            Bingley
Martha     BRIGGS   D   -  5                            Bingley
Benjamin   Smith    Lr  U 23 mule spinner               Addingham
Moses      Briggs   S   M 23 p.l.w                      Bingley
Alice      Briggs   D/L M 22 p.l.w                      Bingley
1861 Census  3219-12  Bingley, Main Street
Thomas     Briggs   H   M 60 coal dealer                Haworth
Abigail    Briggs   W   M 61                            Wheatley Lane LAN
Nancy      Briggs   D   U 24 w.c.w                      Bingley
Thomas     Briggs   S   U 21 coal leader                Bingley
Sarah A    Briggs   D   U 18 w.c.w                      Bingley
Mary       Briggs   D   - 16 w.c.spinner                Bingley
Martha     BRIGGS   D   - 14 w.c.spinner                Bingley
1871 Census  4309-92  Bingley, George Street
Thomas     Briggs   H   M 69 coal dealer                Haworth
Abigail    Briggs   W   M 70                            Burnley LAN
1871 Census  4310  Bingley, Cross Flatts
Thomas     Harrison H   M 20 worsted weaving overlooker Baildon Green
Sarah Ann  Harrison W   M 30 worsted weaver             Bingley
           and family, plus
Martha     CHADWICK Bd  M 25 worsted weaver             Bingley
1881 Census  4423-31  Halifax, Northowram, 52 St Thomas Street
William    BODDY    H   M 41 beer seller                Bingley
Martha     BODDY    W   M 36                            Bingley
Annie      Boddy    D   U 19 wstd wvr                   Bingley
Joshua     Boddy    S   - 11 scholar                    Bingley
Fred       Boddy    S   -  7 scholar                    Keighley
Eliza      Boddy    D   -  2                            Thornton
Mary       Boddy    D   -  5m                           Halifax
1891 Census  3642-123  Bradford, Horton, 3 Burrow Street
William    BODDY    H   M 51 beer seller                Bingley
Martha     BODDY    W   M 46                            Bingley
Freddy     Boddy    S   - 17 comb setters app           Keighley
Eliza      Boddy    D   - 12 scholar                    Thornton