Revised 25/01/2018


William DYSON                          Sarah ANDERSON nee METCALF
Born 1843                              Born 1845
  at Harewood                            at Armley

                                       Baptised 7 Sep 1845
                                         at Armley, St Bartholomew

                                       Parents James/Ann

Married 1875 at Wharfedale Reg. Dist **

Died 1891-1901                         Died 1907 (age 62)
                                         at Wharfedale Reg. Dist.

Remarks :
** William previously married 1. Rachel ---
** Sarah previously married 1. John Anderson
Addresses :
1881    Ilkley, Wheatley Hotel Yard (jobbing gardener)
1891            (general jobbing labourer)

Children :
William          b 9/75; buried 29/11/75 Ilkley (age 11w) (presumed Sarah's child); 
                 probably child by William Dyson
Rose             b 1878 Wheatley
Joseph           b 1883 Ilkley
No trace of William Dyson in 1851/1861/1871 but the following two entries may be relevant:
1851 Census  2254-9 Harewood, Moor Hill
Hon Arthur     Lascelles
               and family and staff including
Patience D     Dawson    Sv  U 36 lady's maid               York
1861 Census  3354  Leeds, Headingley, Cardigan Square
Charles        Auty      H   M 44 iron merchant             Headingley  ) Charles Auty married at York 1856
Patience D     Auty      W   M 46                           Headingley! ) Patience Danby Auty
1881 Census  4336-120  Ilkley, Wheatley Hotel Yard
William        DYSON     H   M 38 jobbing gardener          Leeds
Sarah          DYSON     W   M 37                           Armley
Rose           Dyson     D   -  2                           Ilkley
Mary E         Dyson!    D   - 12 scholar                   Ilkley  [Mary Ellen Anderson S-D]
1891 Census  3527-104  Ilkley, 2 Clifton Terrace
William        DYSON     H   M 48 general labourer, jobbing Harewood
Sarah          DYSON     W   M 48 charwoman                 Armley
Rose           Dyson     D   - 12 scholar                   Wheatley
Joe            Dyson     S   -  7 scholar                   Ilkley
Mary E         Anderson  -   U 22 charwoman                 Wheatley [S-D]
1901 Census  4066-28  Ilkley, 2 Clifton Terrace
Sarah          DYSON     H   W 56 charwoman                 Armley
Rose           Dyson     D   S 22 charwoman                 Ben Rhydding
Joe            Dyson     S   S 19 gardener                  Ilkley
Harry          Morton    Bd  S 16 gardener                  Ilkley
Thomas         Simpson   Bd  M 34 gardener                  Bingley
Mary Ellen     Simpson   Bd  M 33                           Ilkley
Harry          Anderson  G/S -  5                           Ilkley [son of Mary Ellen]
Rose Annie     Simpson   G/D -  1                           Ilkley
Florrie        Simpson   G/D - 10m                          Ilkley
1911 Census          Ilkley, 12 Beanlands Parade
Rose           Dyson     H   S 32 laundress                 Ben Rhydding
Harry          Anderson  Nw  S 15 silk spinner mill hand    Ilkley
Henry Lister   Bateson   Bd  S 38 baker's labourer          Burley in Wharfedale
Sarah          Marshall  Cou S 57 none                      Armley