Revised 25/01/2018


William Gilford STUBBS                 Kate EXTON
Born 1864                              Born 1876
  at Barrowden (RUT)                     at Buckminster (LEI)

Bapt 25 Sep 1864
  at Barrowden, St Peter

Parents John/Mary                      Parents James/Sarah Ann

Married 5 Sep 1899 at Pickworth (RUT), St Mary
Wheelwright of Wakerley
(William's father : wheelwright; bride's father : farmer)

Witnesses James EXTON               Kate's father
          Laura Georgina BURCHNALL  -

Died 1926 (age 60)
  at Uppingham (RUT) Reg. Dist.

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Florence Kate    b 1900 Wakerley
George William   b 1903 Wakerley
Harold John      b 1905 Wakerley
Grace Elizabeth  b 1907 Wakerley

Censuses :
1881 Census  3185-59  Buckminster (LEI), Wymondham Road, The Lodge
James     Exton  H  M 31 farmer              Sewstern
Sarah Ann Exton  W  M 28                     South Witham LIN
John B    Exton  S  -  7                     Buckminster
George    Exton  S  -  5                     Buckminster
Kate      Exton  D  -  4                     Buckminster
Ethel M   Exton  D  -  1                     Buckminster
Kate      Exton  Sv - 13 gen servant         Melton Mowbray
Ellie     Green  Sv U 21 farm servant indoor Coston
William   Morris Sv - 16 farm servant indoor Melton Mowbray

1891 Census  2555-59  Little Bytham (LIN)
James    Exton  H  M 40 farmer       Sewstern LEI
Sarah A  Exton  W  M 38              South Witham 
George   Exton  S  - 15              Buckminster Lodge
Kate     Exton  D  - 14              Buckminster Lodge
Ethel M  Exton  D  - 11 scholar      Buckminster Lodge
Joseph B Exton  S  -  7 scholar      Osgodly? LIN
Thomas   Healey Sv U 20 farm servant Castle Bytham

1901 Census  3018-71  Wakerley (NTH)
John       Stubbs H   M 78 wheelwright Barrowden RUT
William G  Stubbs S   M 35 wheelwright Barrowden
Kate       Stubbs D/L M 24             Buckminster Lodge LEI
Thomas A   Adcock G/S S 21 wheelwright East Retford NTT
Florence H Stubbs G/D -  4m            Wakerley
1911 Census           Wakerley
William Gilford Stubbs H M 45 wheelwright Barrowden
Kate            Stubbs W M 34             Buckminster LEI
Florence        Stubbs D - 10 school      Wakerley NTH
George William  Stubbs S -  7             Wakerley
Harold John     Stubbs S -  5             Wakerley
Grace Elizabeth Stubbs D -  4             Wakerley