Revised 25/01/2018


William Hiley LEES                     Emma Anne STUBBS
Born 1863                              Born 6 Jan 1862
  at Earley (BRK)                        at Barrow (RUT)

Parents William/Maria                  Parents Gerard Hutchinson/Alice

Married 12 Sep 1889 at Cottesmore (RUT), St Nicholas
Gardener of Newmarket  Cambs; bride of Barrow
(William Hiley's father : gardener; bride's father : deceased)

Witnesses Harry Herbert LEES      -
          Fanny STUBBS            Emma Anne's sister

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
William W        b 1890 Newmarket
Sidney Charles   b 1894 Enfield
Bernard George   b 1899 Enfield

Censuses :
1871 Census  1289-79  Sonning (BRK), Earley
William   Lees H M 33 garden servant Bentley HAM
Maria     Lees W M 40                Stratfieldsaye HAM
William   Lees S -  7 scholar        Earley
Frederick Lees S -  6 scholar        Earley
Herbert   Lees S -  3                Earley
Frank     Lees S -  5m               Earley

1881 Census  1313-43  Sonning, The Wilderness Lodge
William Lees H M 45 gardener dom Bentley HAM
Maria   Lees W M 45              Stratfieldsaye HAM
Fredk   Lees S - 16 scholar      Earley
Herbert Lees S - 13 scholar      Earley
Frank C Lees S - 10 scholar      Earley

1881 Census  1253-74  Heckfield (HAM), Heckfield Gardens
William H Lees Sv - 17 under gardener  dom servant Earley BRK

1901 Census  1318-63  Watford (HRT), 25 Queens Road
William H Lees    H    M 38 fruiterer & florist    Reading BRK
Emma A    Lees    W    M 38                        Barrow RUT
William W Lees    S    - 10                        Newmarket CAM
Sidney C  Lees    S    -  6                        Enfield MDX
Bernard G Lees    S    -  1                        Enfield
Hetty M   Stubbs  Sr/L S 30                        Barrow
Ethel C   Cubbage Bd   S 25 fruiterer & florist shop asst
                                                   Kensington LON