Revised 25/01/2018


William James BODDY                    Elizabeth Bannerman Emilie SMITH
Born 1832                              Born 1839
  at Woolwich (KEN)                      at Islington (MDX)

Bapt 25 Apr 1832
  at Woolwich, St Mary Magdalene

Parents John Myers/Lucy                Parents John F E M/Mariann Martha

Married 29 Jun 1858 at Richmond (SRY), St John
Artist of York; bride (age 18) of Kew Foot Lane

Witnesses M A SMITH               -
          J F E M SMITH           Elizabeth's father

Died 12 May 1911 (age 79)              Died 23 Jul 1904 (age 64)
  at York, South Parade                  at Acomb

Bu'd 15 May 1911                       Buried 25 Jul 1904
  at Acomb, St Stephen                   at Acomb, St Stephen
Will: William James BODDY, gentleman, of York, made his Will 4th October 
1904, bequeathing to his sister Isabel Gill PITT, 200
to her daughter Ethel Mary PITT, 50
Remainder to his daughter Ethel Ruth BODDY

Addresses :
1858    York (artist)
1860         Holgate Terrace
1861         50 Holgate Road
1865-68      Holgate Terrace (teacher of drawing)
1870-79      12 St Pauls Square (artist in water colour)
1881-85 Acomb, Gale House (artist, water colour painter)
1902           Gale Lane, Gale House (artist)
1906-10 York, 9 Lendal (artist) and 2 South Parade (offices)
1911          2 South Parade (water colour artist)

Children :
Ethel Ruth       b 1870 York; perhaps died (age 93) Christchurch HAM, Reg. Dist (1963)
  published print published print
1841 Census not found
1851 Census  1605-196  Richmond (SRY), Kew Foot Lane, Ivy Cottage
John                      Smith       H  M 31 officer of the 
                                               Ecclesiastical Court  Weedon NTH
Mariann Martha            Smith       W  M 31                        Southwark
Elizabeth Bannerman Emily SMITH       D  - 11                        Islington MDX
Mariann Ruth Gordon       Smith       D  -  9                        Islington
John Challiner Corrington Smith       S  -  5                        Islington
Mary Ann Amy              Smith       D  -  3                        Richmond
                           [married (1874) Revd. John Lloyd Jones]
Charles David             Smith       S  - 10m                       Richmond
1861 Census  3548-21  York, 50 Holdgate Terrace
William J                 BODDY       H  M 29 artist landscape
                                                         painter     Woolwich KEN
Elizabeth B E             BODDY       W  M 21                        Islington MDX
Lucy E S                  Simmons     Nc - 12 scholar                York
                           plus servants
1871 Census           York, 12 St Paul's Square
William J                 BODDY       H  M 39 artist in water colour Woolwich KEN
Elizabeth B E             BODDY       W  M 31                        Islington MDX
Ethil R                   Boddy       D  -  8m                       York
1881 Census  4323-22  York, Acomb, Gale House
William J                 BODDY       H  M 49 artist (water colour)  Woolwich KEN
Elizabeth B               BODDY       W  M 41                        Islington MDX
Ethil R                   Boddy       D  - 10 scholar                York
1891 Census  3517-4  York, Acomb, Gale House
William J                 BODDY       H  M 59 artist 
                                           (painter in water colour) Woolwich KEN
Elizabeth B E             BODDY       W  M 51                        Islington MDX
Ethel R                   Boddy       D  S 20                        York
Mary J                    Kitching    Sv S 26 cook - dom servant     Masham
1901 Census  4048-41 York, Acomb, Gale Lane
William James             BODDY       H  M 68 artist (water colour)  Woolwich LON
Elizabeth Amelia          BODDY       W  M 61                        Islington LON
Amy W Loyd                Jones       Nc S 23                        Holyhead AGY [Amy Wenefreda Lloyd]
Kate Eliza                Bilsborough Sv S 23 domestic               Acomb
Minnie                    Allinson    Sv S 21 domestic               Marton in Swale
1911 Census             York, 2 South Parade
John Walker               Dawson      H  M 56 caterer                Holtby
Sarah Eliza               Dawson      H  M 56                        Norwich NFK
Elsie Regina              Dawson      D  S 23 lady clerk             York
Elizabeth Emily           Short       Bd S 22 lady clerk             Luton BDF
William James             BODDY       Bd W 79 water colour artist    Woolwich KEN
Ethel Ruth                Boddy       Bd S 40 private means          York
Margaret Ann              Warwick     Bd S 38 sick nurse             South Hiendley 
Lydia                     Clithero    Sv S 16                        York