Revised 25/01/2018


William Jenkins SIMMONS                Lucy Mercy BODDY
Born 1813                              Born 25 Mar 1824
  at Plymouth DEV                        at Woolwich (KEN)

                                       Baptised 30 May 1824
                                         at Woolwich, St Mary Magdalene

Parents Thomas/                        Parents John Myers/Lucy

Married 13 Jul 1843 at Woolwich, St Mary Magdalene
Clerk of Works, R.E. Dept. Woolwich; bride (under age)

Witnesses J M BODDY               Lucy Mercy's father
          H FORBES                -
          Elizabeth A BODDY       Lucy Mercy's sister
          Mary? B BODDY           -
Died possibly 1851                     Died possibly 1855
  at York                                at Edmonton Reg. Dist.
                                         or perhaps remarried

Children :
Frank Boddy        b 1845 Woolwich
Lucy Elizabeth     b 1848 York
Ellen Susan        b 1850 York
Elizabeth Hudson   b 1852 York


1851 Census  2355-57  York, Park Place (pa. St. Maurice)
William J      SIMMONS   H   M 38 Clerk of Works Royal Engrs Plymouth DEV
Lucy Mercy     SIMMONS   H   M 27                            Woolwich KEN
Frank Boddy    Simmons   S   -  6 scholar                    Woolwich
Lucy Elizabeth Simmons   D   -  2                            York
Ellen Susan    Simmons   D   -  1                            York
Ellen          Boddy     Vis - 15                            Woolwich
                        [niece, Ellen Cockshott BODDY]
Hannah         Marshall  Sv  U 23 house servant              Osbaldwick
1861 Census  406-46  Woolwich (KEN), 5 Woodville Street
Lucy           Boddy     H   W 65 retired stationer          Boston LIN
Ellen          Boddy     D   U 25                            Woolwich
Bessie         Simmons   G/D -  8                            York
Ann            Ingle     Bd  U 72 formerly house keeper      Long Acre, London
Catherine      Pickering Sv  U 13 house servant              Barham LIN