Revised 25/01/2018


William WADE                           Emma Gregory FITZJOHN
Born 1833                              Born 1832
  at Barrowden (RUT)                     at Stamford (LIN)

Bapt 23 Jun 1833
  at Barrowden, St Peter

Parents Thomas Reason/Mary Jane        Parents John/

Married 24 Aug 1864 at London, Hanover Square, St George the Martyr
Saddler, son of Thomas Reason Wade, saddler
Emma, daughter of James Fitz John, joiner

Witnesses Thomas Edward FITZJOHN      -
          Sarah Catherine WADE        William's sister

Died 1891-1901                         Died 1901-11

Addresses :
1865-71 Barrowden (collar maker)
1881    Barrowden (harness maker etc)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Henry James      c 13/7/65 Barrowden; m. Elizabeth Ann Kirby
Sarah Jane       c 20/10/67 Barrowden
William Reason   b 1870; c -/-/71 Barrowden
Thomas G         b 1871 Barrowden [entry completely unreadable]

Censuses :
1871 Census  3306-50  Barrowden (RUT)
William    Wade H M 37 harness maker Barrowden
Emma G     Wade W M 38               Stamford LIN
Henry J    Wade S -  5               Barrowden
Sarah Jane Wade D -  3               Barrowden
William R  Wade S -  1               Barrowden

1881 Census  3190-88  Barrowden
William   Wade H  M 47 harness maker &c Barrowden
Emma      Wade W  M 48                  Stamford LIN
Henry J   Wade S  - 15                  Barrowden
Sarah J   Wade D  - 13 scholar          Barrowden
William R Wade S  - 11 scholar          Barrowden
Thomas G  Wade S  -  8 scholar          Barrowden
Hannah C  Wade Sr U 39                  Barrowden [Sarah Catherine]

1891 Census  2551-72  Barrowden, Church Lane
William Wade H M 57 saddler        Barrowden
Emma G  Wade W M 58                Stamford LIN
Henry J Wade S S 25 saddler's asst Barrowden
Sarah J Wade D S 22                Barrowden

1901 Census  2999-13  Leicester (LEI), 21 Prospect Hill
William R Wade H  M 31 railway engine fireman Barrowden RUT
Mary B    Wade W  M 35                        Condover SAL
William T Wade S  -  1                        Leicester
John Hy   Wade S  -  4m                       Leicester
Emma G    Wade Mr W 68                        Stamford LIN
Thomas G  Wade Br W 29 railway porter         Barrowden
Ernest Hy Wade Nw -  5                        Leicester