Revised 25/01/2018


William WOOD                           Mary Ann ---
Born 14 Mar 1800
  at Bingley, Eldwick

Bapt 1 Jun 1800
  at Bingley, All Saints

Parents John/Mary
Married possibly 1851-61

                                       Died 1861-71
Remarks :
William possibly previously married 1. Elizabeth Brogden
The children at the 1861 Census were possibly not Wood

Censuses :
1841 Census  1312/6-20, Bingley, Cropper Fould
Mary    Wood 70 ind
William Wood 40 woolcomber
1851 Census  2286-226  Bingley, Cropper Fould 
William Wood H U! 50 woolcomber Bingley
1861 Census  3219-5  Bingley, Main Street, King Street
William   Wood H         M 60 woolcomber      Bingley
Mary Ann  Wood W         M 60                 Bingley
Hannah    Wood D         U 35 worsted spinner Bingley
Martha    Wood D         U 19 worsted spinner Bingley
William   Wood S         - 16 worsted spinner Bingley
Gawthorpe Wood Step-son! -  9 worsted spinner Bingley
1871 Census  4308-7  Bingley, Main Street, King Street
William   Wood H     W 70 machine tool comber    Bingley
Hannah    Wood D     U 44 spinner                Bingley
Gawthorpe Wood S     U 19 weaving                Bingley 
William   Roe  Son-L M 30 machine woolcomber     Bingley
Martha    Roe  D     M 30                        Bingley
          and the remainder of the Roe family