Revised 25/01/2018


William YARROW                         Sarah LEETE
Born 1797                              Born 1800
  at Guilden Morden (CAM)                at Guilden Morden

Bapt 16 Apr 1797
  at Guilden Morden, St Mary

Parents Thomas/Ann

Married 28 Sep 1819 at Guilden Morden, St Mary

Witnesses Edward WEBB             -
          Mary CUBIS              -

Died 1873 (age 77)                     Died 5 Sep 1878 (age 78)
  at Guilden Morden                      at Guilden Morden

Bu'd 1873
  at Guilden Morden, St Mary

Addresses :
1825    Ashwell (shoemaker)
1841    Guilden Morden, High Street (shoemaker)
1851                    Church End (shoemaker)
1861                    near the Church (shoe maker)
1871                    (shoe maker)
1878                    (Sarah's death in Royston Crow)

Thomas Leete     c 14/1/21 Guilden Morden; m. Mary Pateman
William Leete    buried 29/2/24 Guilden Morden (age 7w)
Joseph           b 3/4/25; c 3/4/25 (privately) Ashwell; m1. Sarah Ball;
                 (Sarah Ball is illegitimate sister of George Leonard);
                 m2. Maria Endersby
Anne             b 1829 Guilden Morden; m. George Clark
William          b 1833 Guilden Morden
Sarah ?          b 1835; buried 15/11/36 Steeple Morden (age 1)
Jane Leete       b 3/3/39; c 3/5/46 Guilden Morden; m1. George Leonard;
                 (George Leonard is illegitimate brother of Sarah Ball);
                 m2. Frederick Farnham
Ann              b 1844 Guilden Morden ?


1841 Census  63/9-4  Guilden Morden (CAM), High Street
William YARROW     40 shoe m
Sarah   YARROW     35
Thomas  Yarrow     20
Joseph  Yarrow     15
Ann     Yarrow     12
William Yarrow     10
Jane    Yarrow      2
1851 Census  1707-565  Guilden Morden, Church End
William YARROW H M 54 shoemaker     Guilden Morden
Sarah   YARROW W M 50 straw platter G Morden
Joseph  Yarrow S W 26 ag lab        G Morden (!)
William Yarrow S U 18 ag lab        G Morden
Jane    Yarrow D - 12 straw platter G Morden
Ann     Yarrow D -  7 at home       G Morden
1861 Census  813-10  Guilden Morden, near the Church
William YARROW H M 64 shoe maker    Gt Morden
Sarah   YARROW W M 60               G Morden
1871 Census  1359-22  Guilden Morden
William YARROW H M 75 shoemaker     Guilden Morden
Sarah   YARROW W M 73 charwoman     G Morden