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The complicated relationships between Walter the deacon and Walter FitzOther
were finally unravelled by the author and historian, Katharine S.B. Keats-Rohan.

[WIND331] Walter FitzOther (born in Britain, c.1037, said to be son of [GER321] Dominus Otho of Tuscany, see GHERARDINI) was tenant-in-chief in Berks, Bucks, Hants, Middlesex and Surrey at the Domesday Survey. He was Keeper of the Forest and held Windsor Manor. He married 1. (c.1066) Beatrice de Offley; then 2. Gwladys of Gwynedd (daughter of King Gruffydd ap Cynan of Gwynedd, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). He was living 1100.

[WIND342] --- [possibly Beatrice] (daughter of Walter FitzOther) married [TEDR341] Robert FitzWalter (see TEDRIC).

[WIND343] Maurice FitzWalter de Windsor (son of Walter FitzOther, but mother not stated, but probably Gwladys as Maurice would have been considerably younger than his elder brother Gerald), heir to Windsor, married (c.1115) Edith (widow of Robert [feudal Lord of Lidgate and Steward of Bury St. Edmunds], and daughter of Walter the deacon, see TEDRIC). Through his wife Maurice also became dapifer of Bury St. Edmunds and feudal Lord of Lidgate. After his death, the heir to Edith's titles [Hastings, Lidgate and Bury St. Edmunds] was her nephew Ralph FitzRobert (see TEDRIC), who then became known as Ralph I de Hastings.

[WIND341] Gerald FitzWalter (born c.1068, son of Walter de Windsor & Beatrice), Constable of Pembroke Castle, married [RHYS369] Nest ferch Lord Rhys (born c.1073, daughter of Lord Rhys, see SOUTH WALES PRINCES). Nest had several affairs, including with King Henry I, and with Owain ap Cadwgon ap Bleddyn in 1110 whilst married to Gerald, which resulted in Owain losing his position in Ceredigion. Gerald died 1136. Their famous grandson was the historian Gerald Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales).

[WIND352] Hawise (born c.1092, daughter of Gerald FitzWalter) married [HAST431] Walter de Hastings (see HASTINGS BARONY).

[OFFY351] Maurice FitzGerald (born 1100, son of Gerald FitzWalter), Lord of Llanstephan (Carmarthenshire), is described under OFFALY LORDSHIP.