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Some of the references to the various generations of this family are a little suspect, due mainly to the early baptism and burial registers for Fressingfield being barely readable. Entries marked IGI appear on the International Genealogical Index and have not been confirmed at source

[WOOL571] James Woolnaughe married (at Fressingfield, 2nd September 1554) [DYXS572] M'garett Dyxsonne, of Cookley. They had five children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

[WOOL581] Robert (baptised 21st April 1555 IGI), see later;

William (baptised 9th October 1555 IGI);

Edward (baptised 2nd February 1558-59 or 1559-60 IGI);

Simon (baptised 26th February 1561-62 or 1562-63 IGI)

Francis (baptised 7th January 1563-64 or 1564-65 IGI), married (at Fressingfield, 21st April 1585) Jane Fisher.

James died 1593 (he left a Will).

[WOOL581] Robert Woolnough (born 1555) married (at Fressingfield, 6th July 1578) [KENE582] Katherine Kene (born 1556, see KENE). Unusually, the marriage register recorded in detail: "Robert son of James Wolnaughe married Katerine daughter of Robert Kene". They had eight children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Katherine (born 21st February 1578-79 IGI);

Johane (born 21st August 1580 IGI);

Rachel (born 24th March 1581-82 or 1582-83 IGI);

[WOOL591] Edmonde (born 29th March 1584 IGI), see later;

Robert (born 11th December 1586 IGI), married (at Fressingfield, 7th August 1610) Rose Duckett;

James (born 5th July 1590 IGI);

Marie (born 21st August 1595 IGI);

John (born 29th December 1601 IGI).

[WOOL591] Edmonde Woolnough (born 1584) married (at Fressingfield, 23rd December 1605) [BARB592] Grace Barbar (born 1581, see BARBAR). They had at least seven children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Hannah (baptised 9th July 1606 IGI);

Katherine (baptised 10th December 1607 IGI);

[WOOL601] Robert (baptised 25th March 1609-10 IGI), see later;

John (baptised 7th February 1611-12 IGI);

Anne (baptised 5th February 1613-14 IGI);

Mary (baptised 6th April 1615 IGI);

After Grace's death (date not located), Edmond appears then to have married 2. (at Fressingfield, 1617) Rebecca Street, and by her had at least two further children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Elizabeth (baptised 5th May 1618 IGI).

Rebecca (baptised 16th January 1619 IGI).

[WOOL601] Robert Woolnough (born 1610) married (at Fressingfield, 30th January 1637-38) [BICK602] Alice Bickers. They had at least one child as follows:

[WOOL611] Robert (born c.1638), see later.

[WOOL611] Robert Woolnough (born c.1638) married (at Fressingfield, during 1656) Mary. They had three children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Stephen (baptised 1st March 1657-58), married Mary ---;

Elizabeth (born at Hassle Green, 7th April 1663);

[WOOL622] Elizabeth (baptised 4th April 1672), married (at Bedingfield, 23rd November 1699) [MASO621] Randolph Mason (born 1675, see MASON).

The absence of baptism records for any children of [WOOL601] Robert, suggests the possibility they had no children; and that after Alice's death, this same Robert married "Mary" in 1656, to ensure he had some issue; and that therefore these two Roberts are the the same person. Otherwise there is lingering doubt why a son born by the 1638 marriage, should himself marry as early as 1656. However, this period spans the Commonwealth rule, when church records are scant. Tracing the date of Alice's death may be a further clue, especially if she died shortly before the 1656 marriage. Meanwhile this version stands, uncorroborated. At the 1674 Hearth Tax returns, "Robert Wollnowe" shared 2 hearths at Fressingfield with Edmund Robinson.