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[WORC361] Waleran (born 1104, twin son of Earl Robert, see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM), became Count of Meulan after his father's death (1118).

King Henry I travelled to Normandy in 1123, but Waleran and several other knights held their castles against him. In 1124 Waleran was journeying from his castle at Beaumont, when he was attacked and captured by Henry's men, and held prisoner at Rouen. When Henry returned to England (1126), he took back with him Waleran, who was then imprisoned firstly at Bridgnorth and then at Wallingford. In 1129 King Henry I (now back in France) sent for Waleran and gave him back his lands, but not his castle. By the end of that year Henry and Waleran were firm friends again, and they returned to England together. Waleran married 1. (Easter 1136) Maud (age 2, daughter of the new King Stephen by Maud of Boulogne), but she died still in her childhood (either before 1137 or in 1141).

In the lengthy dispute between King Stephen and EMPRESS MATILDA, Waleran sided with Stephen, and as his reward became 1st Earl of Worcester (1138). Later, he married 2. (c.1141) [MONT362] Agnes (daughter of [MONT352] Count Amauri III, see MONTFORT L'AMAURY).

Towards the end of the dispute, Waleran changed camps. He lost his grip in Normandy and was captured (1153) by Robert de Montfort, his wife's nephew. Shortly after (possibly in 1154) his Earldom was forfeit to the crown. In 1154 King Stephen died and was succeeded by EMPRESS MATILDA's son King Henry II. Waleran was later pardoned (1162) for his activities in France against Henry, but his title was not restored.

Waleran lived quietly to his end as a monk at Preaux Abbey, where he died (9th April 1166). Agnes died December 1181.

[WORC379] Isabelle (daughter of Waleran & Agnes) married 1. (1161) [MAYE371] Baron Geoffrey of Mayenne, see MAYENNE; then 2. (1170) [CRAO371] Seigneur Maurice II (see CRAON (2)).

[WORC371] Robert II de Beaumont (son of Waleran & Agnes), Count of Meulan, married (1165) [CORW362] Maud (daughter of Earl Renaud, see CORNWALL (FITZROY) EARLDOM)

[WORC382] Mabel (daughter of Robert) married [REVI371] Earl William (see DEVON (REVIERS) EARLDOM).