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[GAII371] Stephen de Gai (born c.1105), of Wootton Basset, married (c.1141) [PIPA372] Aline de Pipard (daughter of [PIPA361] Walter de Pipard). Aline previously married 1. (1130) John [MARS361] FitzGilbert the marshal (divorced, see PEMBROKE (MARSHAL) EARLDOM).

[GAII381] Philip de Gai (born c.1143), of Wootton Basset, married (c.1165) Cecily. He died 1177.

[GAII392] Aline de Gai (daughter & coheir of Philip) married (c.1185) [WYCO461] Alan de Basset  (see WYCOMBE (BASSET) BARONY below.


[WYCO451] Thomas (born c.1130, son of [BAS1451] Justice Gilbert, see BASSET), Sheriff of Headington, married (1163-64, [or c.1154]) [DUNS432] Alice de Dunstanville (born c.1134, son of Alan I, see DUNSTANVILLE). He was Sheriff of Oxfordshire (1163-64), became 1st feudal Lord of Hedendon [Headington] (Oxon) (c.1171), and obtained a life grant of Wycombe Manor (1171). He died c.1179.

[WYCG461] Gilbert (born at Wallingford, c.1154, son of Thomas) became feudal Lord of Hedendon, and obtained Wycombe Manor (1179). He married [COUR373] Egeline de Courtenay (daughter of Renard, see COURTENAY). Gilbert died 1205, and afterwards Egeline married 2. Richard Burdon.

[WYCG472] Eustache (born c.1176, daughter & sole heiress of Gilbert), heiress of Bicester, married 1. (1195) Thomas Verdun; then 2. (1199) [CAMV451] Richard de Camville (see CAMVILLE).

[WYCO462] Isabel (born c.1159, daughter of [WYCO451] Thomas) married 1. (c.1172) Albert de Grelley/Gresley, 3rd Baron of Grelley (died c.1180); then 2. (c.1182) [CROU471] Guy de Croun (see CROUN).

[WYCO461] Alan (younger son of [WYCO451] Thomas, and doubtless named for his maternal grandfather), Sheriff of Rutland, became feudal Lord of Wycombe after the death of his elder brother Gilbert (1205), acquiring Bassets Bury Manor. He married 1. (c.1185) [GAII392] Aline de Gai (daughter of [GAII381] Philip de Gai, see GAI OF WOOTTON BASSET above); then 2. Amice of Foxton. Alan died c.1231.

[WYCO473] Aline (born c.1200, daughter of Alan) married [SAL2471] Drew de Montagu (see MONTAGU BARONY).

[WYCO474] Alice (born c.1189, daughter of Alan) married [SANF391] Sir John de Sanford (see SANFORD).

[WYCO475] Katherine (?), daughter of Alan & Aline) married (before 1217) [LOVL391] William Lovel (see LOVEL).

[WYCO471] Sir Philip (born c.1205, younger son of Alan) became feudal Lord of Wycombe after the deaths of his elder brothers, Gilbert (1241) and Fulk (1259), and was also Chief Justiciar. He married 1. (c.1235) [LOUZ402] Hawise de Louvain (daughter of Matthew, see LOUVAIN (2)); then 2. (1255) Countess Ela (widow of Thomas, 6th Earl of Warwick, and only daughter WARWICK (MAUDUIT) EARLDOM & heiress of William, 3rd Earl of Salisbury, see SALISBURY (LONGESPEE) EARLDOM). Philip died 29th October 1271, and was buried at Stanley (Wilts). Ela died 1298.

[WYCO482] Aline [or Aliva] (daughter & heir of Philip & Hawise) married 1. (c.1260) [DESP471] Sir Hugh le Despenser (see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM); then 2. (c.1271) Roger le Bigod, 7th Earl of Norfolk. Alice acquired Wycombe Manor (1271), and died 1281. Earl Roger died 7th December 1306.



[HEDD461] Thomas II (born 1156, son of [WYCO451] Thomas), Lord of Heddington, married (1194) [MALB462] Philippa Malbank (daughter of William II Malbank,  see MALBANK).

[HEDD472] Alice (daughter of Thomas) married [BISE481] John Biset (see BISET).