Several members of the Yarrow family appeared at one time or another in the Quarter Sessions records, including Edward (born 1794), William (born 1797) and James (born 1805), who were brothers of the John who married Elizabeth Homes; and also Joseph (born 1825) who was most likely a son of William (born 1787).

In July 1825 in the King v. Yarrow. This day an indictment was preferred by Samuel Jarman against Edward Yarrow late of the parish of Guilden Morden in this County, Labourer, for Felony and Grand Larceny, which said Indictment was found by the Grand Jury to be a true Bill and the said Edward Yarrow being present here in Court and having heard the said Indictment read pleaded Not Guilty thereto and put himself upon the Country. But upon Trial was convicted and immediately after prayed the benefit of the Statute to be allowed to him. Whereupon it is considered by the Court and ordered that the said Edward Yarrow be imprisoned in the House of Correction for this County for the space of one Calendar month and that he be kept to hard Labour during such imprisonment.

 A Conviction dated the 26th day of September 1836, Before John Bendyshe Esquire & The Honourable and Reverend Henry York, Clerk, 2 of the Justices &c. Whereby William Yarrow was convicted in the penalty of 1s/-, and 4s/6d for costs, of having on the 18th day of September then instant at the Parish of Steeple Morden in this County, unlawfully assaulted and beaten one Joseph Betts contrary to the form of the Statute in such case made and provided.

A Conviction dated the 24th day of May 1852 before The Reverend William Law and James Fendall, Clerks, two of the Justices &c, whereby Joseph Yarrow was convicted of Misbehaviour in the Royston Workhouse, and adjudged to be imprisoned 10 days and kept to hard labor.