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[ZAHR401] Bezelin/Berthold I (born c.915), Count in Breisgau. He was killed in battle at Calabria, Italy, 13th July 982.

[ZAHR411] Bezelin/Berthold II (born c.942), Count in Thurgau & Breisgau, married Bertha von Bueren/Buren (of disputed origin). He died c.1005-06.

[ZAHR421] Bezelin/Berthold III von Villengen (born c.970), Count in the Ortenau, married [ALTE422] Luitgard von Habsburg (born c.975, daughter of Count Lanzelin of Altenburg in Thurgau, see THURGAU (2)). Bezelin died 15th July 1024.

[ZAHR431] Berthold I the bearded (born c.1005), Count in the Ortenau, March Count of Verona, Count in Bresgau & Thurgau, DUKE OF CARINTHIA (1061-91), Advocate of the High Chapter at Bamberg in Swabia, married 1. Richwara von Zulfrichgau; then 2. [BARL352] Beatrice de Montbeliard & Bar (born c.1038, daughter of Count Louis II, see BAR-LE-DUC). He died 5th [or 6th] November 1078, and Beatrice died 26th October 1092.

[ZAHR441] Berthold II (born c.1057, son of Berthold I & Beatrice), DUKE OF SWABIA (1092-98, resigned), DUKE OF CARINTHIA (1092-1111), DUKE OF ZAHRINGEN (1100-11), married (c.1077-79) [RHEJ442] Agnes von Rheinfelden (daughter of DUKE RUDOLPH OF SWABIA, see RHEINFELDEN COUNTY). He died 12th April 1111, and Agnes died 19th December 1111.

[ZAHR451] Conrad (born c.1082, succeeded his elder brother (Berthold III) as DUKE OF ZAHRINGEN (1122-52). He married (c.1130) [NAMU364] Clemence de Namur (born c.1105, daughter of [NAMU359] Godfrey I, & Ermesinde, see NAMUR COUNTY). He died 8th January 1151-52, and Clemence died 28th December 1158.

[ZAHR461] Berthold IV (born c.1123), DUKE OF ZAHRINGEN (1152-86), married 1. [FROH372] Edith (Heilwig) von Frohburg, daughter of Count Hermann, see FROHBURG COUNTY), died 1183; then 2. Ida de Flanders (widow). He died 8th December 1186. Afterwards Ida married 4. (April 1190) Renaud de Dammartin.

[ZAHR472] Agnes (born 1152, heiress of Arberg, daughter of Berthold & Edith) married [URAC471] Count Egon V (see URACH COUNTY).